2009 Fantasy PPR Ranking – First Run

Ok, here goes….  I’ve done this in the past for myself, but I’m going to put my player rankings out there for everyone.  Hopefully the other people in my league:

  • Won’t read this
  • Will think I’m spoofing them with the list
  • Will think my rankings are whack and ignore them

I’ll post updated rankings which take into account things like injuries and team promotions/demotions until the season starts.  Check the Fantasy Category here to see any newer fantasy stories.  I won’t be updating this particular page – that way everyone can look back and say “what a stupid asshole – why did he EVER think that Player A should be ranked higher than Player B?  He’s an idiot!”

Remember, these are MY rankings, based on various projections of player performance, the PPR scoring system in the league I play in, and – in a few cases – my gut feeling about a player.

In other words, if the draft in my league were held today, this is the order in which I would rank players. If you don’t play in a PPR (Point Per Reception) league, this ranking is worse than worthless to you – it’s way off base and it’ll screw up your team big time.  But if you’re in a standard scoring PPR league, where each reception by a running back, wide receiver, or tight end counts as a point, regardless if they gain any yardage – you should pay attention to this.

For more on my take on Fantasy Football, check out my Fantasy Page.

Scoring system is 1 point per 10 yards rushing/receiving, 1 point per 20 yards passing, 6 points per rushing/receiving TD, 4 points per passing TD, and -1 point for a lost fumble or interception.

Top 20 Running Backs:

Rank Name Position Team Bye
1 Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAC 7
2 Steven Jackson RB STL 9
3 Matt Forte RB CHI 5
4 Chris Johnson RB TEN 7
5 LaDainian Tomlinson RB SDC 5
6 Adrian Peterson RB MIN 9
7 Steve Slaton RB HOU 10
8 Reggie Bush RB NOS 5
9 Frank Gore RB SFO 6
10 Brian Westbrook RB PHI 4
11 DeAngelo Williams RB CAR 4
12 Michael Turner RB ATL 4
13 Brandon Jacobs RB NYG 10
14 Clinton Portis RB WAS 8
15 Pierre Thomas RB NOS 5
16 Kevin Smith RB DET 7
17 Ronnie Brown RB MIA 6
18 Derrick Ward RB TBB 8
19 Marion Barber III RB DAL 6
20 Joseph Addai RB IND 6

Top 20 Wide Receivers:

Rank Player Position Team Bye
1 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI 4
2 Andre Johnson WR HOU 10
3 Calvin Johnson WR DET 7
4 Marques Colston WR NOS 5
5 Randy Moss WR NEP 8
6 Anquan Boldin WR ARI 4
7 Reggie Wayne WR IND 6
8 Greg Jennings WR GBP 5
9 Steve Smith WR CAR 4
10 Roddy White WR ATL 4
11 Chad Ochocinco WR CIN 8
12 Dwayne Bowe WR KCC 8
13 T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR SEA 7
14 Wes Welker WR NEP 8
15 DeSean Jackson WR PHI 4
16 Terrell Owens WR BUF 9
17 Vincent Jackson WR SDC 5
18 Brandon Marshall WR DEN 7
19 Santana Moss WR WAS 8
20 Braylon Edwards WR CLE 9

Top 20 Quarterbacks:

Rank Player Position Team Bye
1 Tom Brady QB NEP 8
2 Drew Brees QB NOS 5
3 Peyton Manning QB IND 6
4 Donovan McNabb QB PHI 4
5 Matt Schaub QB HOU 10
6 Philip Rivers QB SDC 5
7 Kurt Warner QB ARI 4
8 Aaron Rodgers QB GBP 5
9 Jason Campbell QB WAS 8
10 Carson Palmer QB CIN 8
11 Matt Ryan QB ATL 4
12 Jay Cutler QB CHI 5
13 Matt Cassel QB KCC 8
14 David Garrard QB JAC 7
15 Trent Edwards QB BUF 9
16 Kyle Orton QB DEN 7
17 Ben Roethlisberger QB PIT 8
18 Tony Romo QB DAL 6
19 Eli Manning QB NYG 10
20 Matt Hasselbeck QB SEA 7

I haven’t gotten to the Tight End and Defenses yet. I’ll try to hit them next week.



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