Preseason week 1 thoughts

I watched a few preseason games the past few days, and while it’s pretty early to draw any conclusions, here are a few of my thoughts in no particular order.

  • Stafford is the real deal.  If Keary Colbert could catch a cold (he had at least 3 drops) Stafford would have had some great stats.   I was very impressed with his arm strength and accuracy – a couple of times he threaded passes into very tight spots and they were perfect.
  • I don’t think Culpepper will be the starter very long.
  • Keary Colbert makes Braylon Edwards look like he has good hands.
  • Braylon Edwards still has hands of stone.  He picked up right where he left off last year, dropping an easy TD from Quinn.
  • You want a deep sleeper?  Take a look at Detroit RB Aaron Brown.  I’d never heard of him before today, but I watched him take off and outrun everyone and score.  Twice.  Brown is crazy fast – Chris Johnson kinda fast.  The other players appeared to be in slow motion fast.  I’m serious – Brown has a chance to be good.   Really good.  Appears to have good hands too.
  • Tony Gonzalez is going to be a favorite target of Ryan in Atlanta.
  • I’m still not a Turner fan.  I know he’s good against bad teams – I want to see him do good against a good run defense – last year his stats tanked when he face good defenses.  Atlanta has a tougher schedule this year.  Just saying.
  • Roddy White is showing the effects of his holdout.  He and Ryan weren’t on the same page a couple of times.  He”l be fine by the time the season starts.
  • Orton sucks.  Denver is going to regret that trade.  Marshall and Royal probably already do, and their fantasy value has to drop big time as long as Orton is the QB in Denver.
  • Cutler didn’t impress me with his play either.  It’s gonna take some time for him to elevate the game of the Chicago receivers.
  • Hester still doesn’t know how to run a route.
  • Tomlinson looks fine, and could once again be THE guy in fantasy.
  • Sproles value dropped a bit for me when I saw how well LT was making cuts.
  • Hasselbeck is back – and his back appears just fine.
  • Seneca Wallace also looked sharp – I guess it helps to have receivers that are able to stand upright.
  • Houshmandzadeh is gonna be a favorite target in Seattle.
  • So is TE John Carlson.
  • Rivers looked sharp.
  • So did Vincent Jackson.
  • Chambers not so much.
  • Gates is still a force.  Saw him line up wide right once, but a cornerback covered him well on a fly pattern.  He’s much better going over the middle where he’s covered by a linebacker.
  • The Rams are not good.  Stephen Jackson is about the only thing they’ve got, and he can’t run very far without a decent offensive line.
  • Brady looked fine.
  • That’s great news for Moss and Welker.

That’s it for now.  Check out my other fantasy football posts if you’re bored.  Don’t forget the Fantasy Football 2009 post that’s linked at the top of every page.


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