Saturday Night Fantasy Thoughts

Since I’m normally sitting on my butt reading anything remotely fantasy relevant on Saturday nights, I decided to do a stream of consciousness type of post.  I’m thinking about doing this each week.  Who knows, maybe it’ll eventually become known worldwide as SNFT.   Sure it will….

It’s just getting to halftime of the  Redskins/Steelers game, and – except for a couple of plays – it’s been a pretty lame game.  Reed missed a 53 yard field goal as time expired – but there was an offsides penalty on Washington, so he got to try again from 48 yards.  He missed again.  It’s been that kind of game.

Brown, D Williams, and Garrard all had decent highlights in the Miami/Jacksonville game.  Forte looked quick for Chicago playing against what should be a good Giants defense, and Stafford didn’t look very good in the first half tonight.

What’s up with the audio on the NFL Network games?  Almost every game I’ve watched on it this year has had audio cutting out.  It may just be the HD feed, as it didn’t happen when watching a standard def broadcast of the same game.  Fortunately Theismann is announcing tonight so I don’t want to hear it anyway.  He actually said “When the defensive player grabs the offensive player it’s defensive holding” – or words to that effect.  Duh.

Anyway, the commercials are fine and never cut out.  Neither do any of my other channels on Direct TV.  Just NFL Network during the games.  Annoying as hell.  I guess it’s preseason for them too.

Some good fantasy stories on the web this week.

Fantasy Clicks on has a “PPR Spectacular” post this week.   I disagree with some of it (I’ve yet to hear an explanation of why it’s better to have a QB and WR from the same team in PPR) but it’s a good article with some great stats.

Be sure to check out the number of targets each wide receiver had last year.  In some cases that will NOT carry over to this year (think Marshall in Denver) but if you look at the receivers who received the most targets last year, you’ll notice that almost every one of them is a top fantasy receiver – especially in PPR leagues.  You can’t get yardage, receptions, or touchdowns if the QB isn’t throwing the ball in your direction….

ESPN has a writeup on a recent fantasy draft they conducted.  It’s NOT a PPR draft, so ignore the specifics if you’re in a PPR league – Reggie Bush went in round 8 as the 80th overall pick! – but I thought some trends were notable.

  • You can wait on running backs this year.  With the proliferation of RBBC’s, there isn’t much difference between an RB ranked #12 and #22, or 22 and 32.
  • Because of that, it’s officially ok to draft a WR in the first round  – IF you don’t have one of the first 5 or 6 picks.
  • You can also wait on QB’s.  McNabb went at #92 and Cutler at 102.  Probably not 2 points a week difference between McNabb and whoever happens to finish number 3 in fantasy this year.  Use that 3rd or 4th round pick for a solid RB or WR instead.
  • Get solid players in the first 4 or 5 rounds, then get creative – draft a rookie or oft injured player who has top 10 potential if…. (the stars align, player x gets hurt, blah, blah, blah).

Look at the players available in round9.  Keep in mind that it’s a 10 team league, but still….

Pick Overall By Player
1 81 Karabell Chris Cooley, TE, Was
2 82 Cockcroft Greg Olsen, TE, Chi
3 83 Mass Devin Hester, WR, Chi
4 84 Ravitz Darren Sproles, RB, SD
5 85 Lipscomb Lance Moore, WR, NO
6 86 Harris Felix Jones, RB, Dal
7 87 Roberts Jerricho Cotchery, WR, NYJ
8 88 Becquey LeSean McCoy, RB, Phi
9 89 Berry Julius Jones, RB, Sea
10 90 Quintong Fred Taylor, RB, NE

Cooley is probably a top 5 TE, Felix Jones, Darren Sproles, and LeSean McCoy are all gonna get some fantasy points – especially in PPR –  and they are all just one twisted ankle away from being top 15 RB’s.  There’s even an official RB starter in J Jones still on the board at number 89 overall.

Chase Daniels just threw his 2nd TD pass of the night (against the third string Pitt defense) for Washington.  He’s not a typical NFL QB, and he’s certainly not buff, but he moved the team well.  (No, don’t get cute and draft him as a deep sleeper.  He’s battling for third string.)

FritoLay BBQ flavored sunflower seeds are a decent substitute for smoking.  At least it’s worked for me for the past 28 days.  Well, that and nicotine patches, nicotine gum, and Ranch flavored sunflower seeds.

I’m gonna watch the Denver/Seattle game in bed.  I’m interested in a few players in that game.  Will Orton suck as bad as he did last week?  Is Hasselbeck still ok?  How is TJ Housh adjusting to the Seattle offense and Hasselbeck?  Could Julius Jones really be a factor in fantasy this year?  I liked John Carlson last year – is he still improving?  Could Carlson really be a top 5 TE?  Will Branch ever be relevant again?  Who will be the main RB in Denver?  Will (I can’t believe I’m actually interested in this) Prater be a worthwhile kicker without Cutler there to get the offense moving?

Inquiring minds want to know…..


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