Top 100 PPR Ranking

I’ve spent quite a bit of time on this, so hopefully it’ll help you in your PPR fantasy draft.  For better or worse, this is how I currently rank the top 100 NFL players for fantasy value in a PPR league.

Lots of things are taken into account here, but there are quite a few unknowns at this point.  For example, take Brandon Marshall.  (Please!)  Today the Bronco’s announced that he’s suspended for the 2 remaining pre-season games, so I have no clue how to rank him.  He’s definitely has less fantasy value today than he did yesterday, but how much less?  He missed training camp, he hasn’t played yet this year, he had off-season surgery, he has a new head coach, he has a new QB (Orton, who I think sucks, but in any case Orton is not as good a QB as Cutler was) and he’s admitted that he doesn’t know the playbook.

In short, Marshall is a huge gamble right now, no matter where you take him.  IF – and that’s a big if – he gets his shit together, he COULD be one of the top receivers in a PPR league.  But on draft day, you have to know that the guy is gonna be on the field if you draft him in the top 100.  With Marshall you simply don’t know as of today.  Watch the news and read the latest updates before drafting him.

Another example is the RBBC that Tampa Bay announced this week.  WTF?  They are planning on a 2-2-1 split of carries between the top 3 running backs.  At this moment that would mean that Graham would get 2 carries, Ward would get 2 carries, and Williams would get 1, because that’s the order of their depth chart.  I still think that Ward has the most fantasy value in a PPR league, but all of them are devalued because of the decision.   But where do they rank today?  Below is my best estimate.  (I really like Cadillac Williams, and I hope he can stay healthy, but there’s no way he’s in the top 100 as of today.)

You’ll note that this order doesn’t line up perfectly with my individual position rankings from last week.  It’s close in most cases, but while I took those into account, I tried to make this list as up to date as possible, so some players have moved up and some have moved down.   I’ll probably update this sometime before next weekend, because I’m guessing most fantasy drafts will be Labor Day weekend.  Mine are.


1 Maurice Jones-Drew RB JAX
2 Steven Jackson RB STL
3 Matt Forte RB CHI
4 Chris Johnson RB TEN
5 Ladainian Tomlinson RB SD
6 Adrian Peterson RB MIN
7 DeAngelo Williams RB CAR
8 Andre Johnson WR HOU
9 Larry Fitzgerald WR ARI
10 Frank Gore RB SF
11 Steve Slaton RB HOU
12 Calvin Johnson WR DET
13 Randy Moss WR NE
14 Reggie Bush RB NO
15 Clinton Portis RB WAS
16 Michael Turner RB ATL
17 Kevin Smith RB DET
18 Marshawn Lynch RB BUF
19 Brian Westbrook RB PHI
20 Drew Brees QB NO
21 Marion Barber RB DAL
22 Ronnie Brown RB MIA
23 Tom Brady QB NE
24 Anquan Boldin WR ARI
25 Marques Colston WR NO
26 Peyton Manning QB IND
27 Reggie Wayne WR IND
28 Greg Jennings WR GB
29 Pierre Thomas RB NO
30 Roddy White WR ATL
31 Wes Welker WR NE
32 T.J. Houshmandzadeh WR SEA
33 Steve Smith WR CAR
34 Jason Witten TE DAL
35 Brandon Jacobs RB NYG
36 Chad Ochocinco WR CIN
37 Kurt Warner QB ARI
38 Knowshon Moreno RB DEN
39 Antonio Gates TE SD
40 Terrell Owens WR BUF
41 Philip Rivers QB SD
42 Ryan Grant RB GB
43 Matt Schaub QB HOU
44 Vincent Jackson WR SD
45 Felix Jones RB DAL
46 Aaron Rodgers QB GB
47 Joseph Addai RB IND
48 Donovan McNabb QB PHI
49 Dwayne Bowe WR KC
50 DeSean Jackson WR PHI
51 Donald Brown RB IND
52 Dallas Clark TE IND
53 Thomas Jones RB NYJ
54 Ray Rice RB BAL
55 Braylon Edwards WR CLE
56 Darren McFadden RB OAK
57 Roy Williams WR DAL
58 LenDale White RB TN
59 Bernard Berrian WR MIN
60 Derrick Ward RB TB
61 Larry Johnson RB KC
62 Jonathan Stewart RB CAR
63 Cedric Benson RB CIN
64 Chris Cooley TE WAS
65 Brandon Marshall WR DEN
66 Tony Gonzalez TE ATL
67 Darren Sproles RB SD
68 Lee Evans WR BUF
69 Kellen Winslow TE TB
70 Jamal Lewis RB CLE
71 Kevin Walter WR HOU
72 Matt Ryan QB ATL
73 Willie Parker RB PIT
74 Julius Jones RB SEA
75 Santonio Holmes WR PIT
76 Leon Washington RB NYJ
77 Jerricho Cotchery WR NYJ
78 Anthony Gonzalez WR IND
79 Chris Wells RB ARI
80 Donnie Avery WR STL
81 Chester Taylor RB MIN
82 Santana Moss WR WAS
83 Chris Henry WR CIN
84 Carson Palmer QB CIN
85 Steve Breaston WR ARI
86 Lance Moore WR NO
87 Fred Jackson RB BUF
88 Eddie Royal WR DEN
89 Nate Burleson WR SEA
90 Laveranues Coles WR CIN
91 Matt Cassel QB KC
92 Antonio Bryant WR TB
93 Devin Hester WR CHI
94 Percy Harvin WR MIN
95 Josh Morgan WR SF
96 Earnest Graham RB TB
97 Torry Holt WR JAX
98 Kevin Faulk RB NE
99 Matt Hasselbeck QB SEA
100 Derrick Mason WR BAL

Well, what do you think?


4 Responses

  1. I like the list overall. I’m really happy to see that someone FINALLY didn’t have Adrien Peterson in the Top 3. I just don’t get why people keep putting him there unless they seriously believe he’s going to run for 2,000 yards and score 12+ TDs. My league is going PPR for the first time this year, so I hope someone is uninformed and pulls the trigger with AP #1. If I had to critique, I think R. Bush is too high, as is P. Thomas (there’s talk of sharing carried three ways with M. Bell), while R. Rice is too low (he’s now the man in Baltimore).

    And as far as B. Marshall is concerned, I’d certainly take him if I had a pick in the 90s overall. I think one distinction to make is the different between a guy that scores 160 pts total in 16 games vs a guy who scores 160 pts in 10-12 games (ie B. Marshall or B. Westbrook). The second guy is MUCH more valuable because you can supplement his missed games with one of your bench players.

  2. Good points Tom. I literally laughed out loud when I read your comment about AP. As I mentioned here ( PPR is a different world, and Peterson is NOT #1 in a PPR league. In the earlier post I said:
    “Adrian Peterson is a great running back, and he is going to be one of the top 3 picks in basically every draft this year. Last year “All Day” led the NFL with 1757 rushing yards on 364 attempts. He also caught 21 passes for another 125 yards. He scored 10 touchdowns. And he finished 9th among running backs in PPR leagues!

    Here is a list of running backs who scored more points in PPR leagues last year than Peterson. In order they are: Williams, Forte, Turner, Jones-Drew, (Thomas) Jones, Tomlinson, Slaton, and Westbrook.” You can read the entire post at the link above, but AP’s not in my top 3.

    The only reason I have Bush that high is because (as you alluded to with Marshall and Westbrook) when he’s playing, he’s gold. He was the number 1 scorer in my PPR league last year when he got hurt, as he was before he got hurt in 2007. I haven’t dropped Thomas down yet because I’ve seen Bell play, and I don’t believe he’s good enough to take many touches away from the Bush/Thomas timeshare. But I’ll be watching to see if there’s anything to change my mind.


  3. Another question for you Gary. Would your rankings change (ie more value on WRs) if you knew you were in a 1QB/2RB/3WR/1TE league (emphasis on the 3WR)?

    P.S. Since this is my first go-around with PPR, I’ll probably be posting on your blog quite regularly up until my draft over Labor Day.

  4. These rankings were put together with a 1QB/2RB/2WR/1TE/1Flex league in mind, with the flex being either a RB/WR. As a result, there’s a pretty even split between RB/WR in my top 100, because every team will need about the same amount of each.

    Since every team in your league will need a 3rd WR every week, you should definitely increase the relative weight of the WR’s over the RB’s. You’d almost certainly want to get a third WR before you pick up a third RB, possibly before you get your 2nd RB – depending on how the draft goes.

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