Arm the rebels?

WTF has the “no fly zone” in Libya morphed into now?  Obama is turning into moron GW in front of our eyes!!  According to this story from BBC , “US President Barack Obama has said he does not rule out arming the rebels seeking to overthrow Libyan leader Colonel Muammar Gaddafi.”

So we went from a no fly zone – the intent of which was to stop Gaddafi from shooting and bombing his citizens from airplanes – to doing air strikes on Libyan government troop positions to assist the rebels, to arming the rebels.

All without a vote from congress – or the UN for that matter.  (The UN authorized a no fly zone, nothing else.)

Damn, that’s some good shit they’re smoking in the White House!  Billions spent with NO APPROPRIATION!  How is that remotely legal?

Billions are being spent – as you read this – that haven’t been voted on.  How is that legal?  How is it in the US interest to have rebels overthrow Libya?  (It may be, but if it is lets have a debate about it and declare war on Gaddafi.  I think that would be really really really dumb, but it’s far less dumb than the current policy.)

All the while, the US is going broke at an ever increasing rate.  Look at the debt clock at the top left of this screen for 30 seconds.  Now call your congress-person.  Call your senator.  Call the White House.  Or don’t.

The “Re-Elect No One”/”Fire Them All” movement got a little traction this past election, I think (more like hope) that by next year this idiocracy will be too clear for anyone to ignore.  Bush was a disaster, worst president ever.  Obama is trying to “out Bush”, Bush – and he’s doing it….  Maybe by next year we can proclaim him a bigger disaster than Bush.  Lord knows he’s working on it.

Anyhoo, maybe by next year the deficit will have increased enough to where it’s obvious to most everyone that it can’t continue.  I doubt it, but there’s nothing else to look forward to on this subject.  The Republican/Democrat idiots are not addressing the issue.  $100 billion in cuts this year is termed too aggressive by the Democrats, and the Republicans have even wimped out on that, settling for less than $50 billion.

Meanwhile, we’ve spending $1,600 billion more than we’re collecting this year alone.  More than 32 times the cuts that are deemed too aggressive.

I don’t know another word for it.  Morons.  Maybe fucking morons.  Maybe fucking stupid ass morons.  Perhaps “stupid fucking morons who will say and spend any amount of other peoples money in order to please stupid voters so they can be re-elected and continue to get rich while the country goes broke.”  Although I think that’s probably too long of a phrase to catch on…..

I think “stupid fucking assholes” might adequately capture the sentiment while staying short enough to be remembered by the plebes.  Got anything better?



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