$4 trillion in cuts?

According to several stories today (here’s the Washington Times version)  the GOP has proposed a budget that cuts $4 trillion dollars.

A Republican plan for the 2012 budget would cut more than $4 trillion over the next decade, more than even the president’s debt commission proposed, with spending caps as well as changes in the Medicare and Medicaid health programs, its principal author said Sunday.


That’s a projected savings over 10 years.  That isn’t a “cut”.  There’s a big difference.   The debt is going to increase by over $10 trillion in the next 10 years – I’m too lazy to look up the exact CBO (or anyone else’s) projected numbers over the next decade. but not one – none – of them project a reduction in the debt.

I don’t know of any projections off the top of my head that even hint at a meaningful reduction in the annual deficit.  We are facing at least $1 trillion plus annual deficits as far as anyone can see.  And that’s with good economic growth – and boneheaded low-tax high-spending policies are not going to reduce that.


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