Fox News has a Boner for Boehner

Wow.  How he did it: Three Keys to Boehner’s Budget Victory is a Fox News story that drools over Boehner.  I personally think Boehner is the worst possible leader for the Republicans, because he’s a typical middle-of-the-road “Moderate” who stands for nothing – aka George “Read My Lips” Bush Sr and Bob “Could I possibly be and Blander” Dole.

Hey, some people (evidently Fox News among them) like that, but I don’t.  “Moderate” is simply a convenient term that essentially means “I have no core values” so he’s willing to compromise on anything.

The 2008 federal deficit was $254 billion.  It jumped to $1.4 trillion in 2009, and dropped slightly to $1.3 trillion in 2010.  The 2011 budget deficit (the fiscal year ends in Sept) is projected to be $1.65 trillion.

Boehner’s deal supposedly “cuts” (I put that in quotes because I don’t understand how it’s a cut when we’re spending more than last year) TOTAL just $38 billion.  That’s just over 2% of the deficit this year.  2 fucking percent.  Yet that’s supposedly draconian and homeless veterans will be dying in the streets because of it.


The facts are that we need a combination of spending cuts and tax increases totaling $1.65 TRILLION this year to get a balanced budget.  Yes, it would suck – no one likes to be the person who takes away the punch bowl at the party – but it has to be done.  If we do nothing this year, then the cuts and tax increases next year need to be that much bigger.

Wake up people, no one – and no country – can continue to spend more than it takes in and stay in business.  We can and will go broke if nothing is done.  The inflation from the stupid Helicopter Ben policy of print all we want is catching up with us.  Yes, the so-called “core” inflation rate is low.  But have you been to the gas pump lately?  How about the grocery store?

“Volatile food and energy” prices are excluded from the official rate, yet most people spend most of their disposable income on food and energy.

Fox is being a willing tea bag partner for Boehner, and they think it’s great.  $38 fucking billion ain’t shit.  $380 billion (only about 25% of the current deficit) won’t cut it either.  The target needs to be $1.65 trillion.


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