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I was in an argument – umm, I mean a discussion – with some family and friends on facebook today, and I was looking up some facts to show just how fucking stupid Bush, Obama, our congress, and the Federal Reserve super-duo of Greenspan/Bernanke have been over the past 10 years, and I decided WTF? Why allow such a well researched and documented argument – shit, I mean “discussion” go to waste.

I mean, unless you’re friends with me on facebook (and only a couple of people there even know I have this blog) you’d never have a chance to read it? Admittedly, it’s not that great, but it’s not a total waste of electrons either. So I’m reposting it here. 🙂

BTW – If you find a substantial factual error in any of these numbers (some may be off by a bit as I had to use various sources, but they should be somewhat close) PLEASE let me know.  I want to be accurate, and they are enough reliable sources out there that I don’t want an argument – shit, I mean “discussion” – to fall apart because of a bad number somewhere.  Let me know and I’ll correct it.

Anyway, here’s the post.  Enjoy!

I’m not for higher taxes. I’m also not for higher spending. But Bush and Obama both tried to have lower taxes AND higher spending – do the math. It don’t add up.

According to the GPO Bush used the hell out of the credit cards and almost doubled spending from $1.8 trillion in 2001 to $3.5 trillion on 2009. But on the income side, he only went from $1.99 trillion to $2.1 trillion. WTF????

BTW – These are TOTAL numbers. If you exclude the “off budget” stuff like SSI, Medicare, and the Iraq and Afghanistan fiasco’s, tax receipts soared from $1.48 trillion in 2001, all the way to a stratospheric – wait for it – it’ll be worth it – $1.45 trillion in 2009.

That’s right boys and girls, it took the genius of Dubya to LOWER tax receipts over his term, while DOUBLING the spending!!!

Shit – I wish I’da thought of that! But stupid ass me, I bought a used 2002 ZX2 to replace the worn out Caddy instead of a brand new BMW. I was under the – obviously stupid fucking delusion – that I’d need to pay the money back. How damn dumb could I have been?

I didn’t know that I was allowed to use MasterCard to pay the Visa bill each month, then use Visa to pay the MasterCard bill, and they’d both lay back and act like they liked it – and if Krugman is on the board, they’d thank me for doing it. I obviously need to go back to school, because no matter how I add up the numbers – THEY DON’T FUCKING ADD UP!!!!!

Bush was an absolute disaster as President. Seriously, using a group of monkeys throwing their shit at a YES/NO decision board on the wall of the SD zoo to make decisions could not possibly have been worse. I’d take a 50/50 chance of an absolutely moronic and dumbass decision any day over the 90% plus chance of moronic shit decisions we got from Dubya. No one with a brain cell could have done worse. Terri Schiavo made better decisions.

Obama is no better, because he’s DOING THE EXACT SAME THING AS BUSH DID!!! WTF???? Keep income to the government low, but spend more and more and more. And somehow people think that just because I thought it was stupid when Bush did it, that I must be in favor of it now that Obama is doing a Dubya impersonation… They must be related, because the stupidity in the White House – as Hank Jr would say – “it’s a family tradition.”

Add up the numbers. Total tax revenue in 2009 (the last year we have numbers for) was $2.1 trillion. According to Wikipedia the spending on so called mandatory spending (Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, and the interest on the debt (using Visa to pay MC) was $1.9 trillion. Add the totally insane defense spending of $514 billion that year – which BTW somehow DOES NOT include the cost of the Iraq and Afghanistan fiasco’s – and you’re already spending About $2.4 trillion – a $300 billion deficit.

You could eliminate NASA, HUD, Agriculture, Education, EPA, DOT NTSA, OSHA, even the stupid wasteful paranoid morons at Homeland Security – eliminate EVERYTHING except Social Security, Medicare/Medicaid, Interest on the debt, and defense. All of it could disappear – and WE”D STILL go $300 billion in the red that year – and it’s gotten worse since then.

The math doesn’t add up. I truly believe that less than 5% of the citizens in the entire country get this. Thanks to Bush/Obama, you cannot make the numbers work. You can cut everything and still be AT LEAST $300 billion in the red.

That’s why I say we need to raise taxes AND eliminate entire departments. FDA – gone. EPA – gone. DEA – gone.

The stupidity of Bush/Obama and congress – and yes, Greenspan and Benanke – over the past 10 years have done what the Russians couldn’t do in 50 years. Just like Rome, the US is being destroyed from within. And it should be no surprise to anyone that the exact same weapon has destroyed every great empire the world has every seen – financial ruin. From Rome to France in 1789 to Russia to us, when a country spends more than they take in and debases their currency, they disappear.

Fire them all.

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