AT&T Sucks

Some background….

I did some research and ordered ATT Uverse service (18 MB down and 1.5mb up – more than double the max DSL speed I could get)  in March.  It was installed Apr 23.  DSL was disconnected (and by disconnected I mean that it quit working and we had no Internet connection) on Apr 21st.

The installer who ran the new cable to the house to install Uverse (the Outside Guy) said he had to disconnect DSL in order to install Uverse, that disconnecting DSL was part of his work order, and the billing is automatically corrected when you switch from DSL to Uverse.  Every ATT Rep I’ve spoken to over the last 3 months has also said that DSL “should be” automatically disconnected when you upgrade to Uverse.

Well guess what.  It’s now July 23rd, and we’re still getting billed for DSL – something that we haven’t been able to use since April 21st.  The DSL charge shows up on the land line phone bill, which is evidently run by a totally different ATT that the ATT who does Uverse, because they do NOT talk to each other.  I’ve had to call ATT every month since then, as the DSL charge keeps showing up on the bill.  Every month.

Every month ATT credits the exact amount of the DSL charge – they’ve never once offered a goodwill credit, a free month of service, or offered to do ANYTHING to compensate for the time I’ve wasted or the inconvenience of having to call them every month to argue with them in an attempt to get THEIR billing error corrected.   Every month they transfer me around to several departments “to insure it doesn’t happen again”, they say it’s corrected, that I won’t see the charge again, and that I may receive a survey about the service I was provided and they hope I will respond with the most favorable rating as they’ve attempted to provide me with excellent service .

Not once has anyone called to ask me to rate ATT’s service.  Read on, and you’ll begin to understand why I decided to call this post “AT&T Sucks” instead of something milder.

So… The ATT bill came in the mail yesterday, and it had the should-have-been-disconnected-in-April-DSL charge on it yet again, I took a few deep breaths and drank a beer to relax.  I decided to wait until today (while my wife was gone on a photo thingy) to call them about it, as I always get pissed in dealing with the morons at ATT….

I have not kept detailed noted of my previous calls, but since this is obviously an ongoing problem with no quick resolution in sight, I decided to take DETAILED notes this time, because I can see this becoming a legal issue at some point. What follows are my notes from today.  They are pretty much just as I typed them during the calls.  I did go back and correct most of the worst typos, but for the most part this is a minute by minute account of the stupidity that is ATT.


July 23, 11:10AM ET – Called ATT at the number listed on the phone bill for “Plans and Services” (888-757-6500)
Went through the insane “say or press” crap that I can’t stand because any background noise (like TV or kids or dog or doorbell) makes their stupid system think you said something in the middle of entering your phone number and you cannot turn it off….  Anyway….
11:13 – On hold, listening to ads. The ads are spelling out, literally spelling out “A T T dot C O M” telling me to go there for answers to my billing questions.  A T T  dot C O M spells morons.
11:15 – Talked to “Al” – gave him both Uverse and phone account numbers and passcodes/pin numbers.  He read a disclosure about privacy and asked if ATT could share the information gathered during this call in order to suggest other ATT products and services or something like that.  I told him no. He said he’d research the problem and notate the account.
11:20 – Al said he was crediting account for $37.41 – the exact amount of the DSL service charge this month.  He didn’t know why it was different than the $42.95 from last month. Told him I’d heard the exact same thing from other reps for the last 3 months – I wanted it permanently fixed this time. Al said he’d take care of it.
11:22 – Al’s code is TN5873, and his goal is to provide me with excellent customer service blah blah bullshit. He’s polite, but so was everyone else – except the bitch who hung up on me last month when I told he she’d better shut up and listen to why I was calling before she started telling me what MY problem was….
11:25 -Al transferred me to their disconnect service dept – he said they have to process disconnect order or I’d keep getting billed – which has obviously has NOT happened before because I keep getting billed.  BTW – I’ve heard this every month when I’ve called. Last month “Precious Reeves” (Code PR3224 – I wrote it on the bill from last month) told me the same thing and that she had disconnected it as well.  That obviously didn’t happen because it’s still on the bill and I’m still on the phone with ATT.
11:29: – Al is back saying that the disconnect dept is closed today. He’s trying to locate someone who can help.  I told him I wanted to speak to a supervisor. Al said he understood, and that he’d get it taken care of. Evidently he didn’t understand what I meant when I said I wanted to talk to a supervisor, because I’m still talking to Al….
11:33 – Al placed me back on hold, said he’d be back online every 2 minutes until it’s taken care of.
11:40 – He’s been back every 2 minutes… still waiting to speak to someone who can fix the problem….
11:42 – Al says it’s corrected and disconnected.  Disconnect # D9F2YYR5.  He also mentioned that it looked like it was disconnected on July 1, then reconnected on July 7 last month….
11:44 – Al said I should NOT get billed for DSL again.  I told him that every other ATT rep I’d spoken with in the last 3 months had said the EXACT same thing, so I have my doubts that this time would be any different.
11:46 – Done with call.


12:05 – Went to pay the phone bill (after DSL credit) online.  While doing the math to subtract the DSL credit, I noticed the bill included ATT long distance – I don’t have ATT long distance….  Doubled-checked previous bills and we haven’t been billed for ATT LD before…

Obviously “Precious” fucked up and added that to my account last month instead of simply disconnecting DSL – which she obviously didn’t do either or I wouldn’t be pissed and typing this right now..  Isn’t that special.  Fucking ATT morons…


12:09 – Tried to call ATT back – BUT MY HOME PHONE IS NOW DEAD!!!  NO DIAL TONE!!!!  The dumbasses at ATT obviously disconnected everything instead of disconnecting DSL in order to correct the bill…. But I was talking to them on that line during the call, so it obviously wasn’t disconnected at 11:42 – the time Al said DSL was disconnected.

Walked around the house cussing loudly while trying to calm down just a tad before dealing with the stupid fucking morons at ATT again….

12:12 – Called ATT back on cell phone.  I called the same number as before.

12:13 – started talking to “Gail”.  She said she was with Uverse and couldn’t help with DSL or phone issues, she would have to transfer me…. Again, stupid ATT can’t figure out WTF they are doing – I’m calling the same number I called an hour ago.  It was the right number then – why is is wrong now?  Idiots….
12:15 – FUCKING DISCONNECTED!!!!  I just thought I was pissed before….  Now I’m pissed…  Idiot moronic assholes ain’t heard nothing yet….
12:16 – Called back…. Same number, same stupid system that gets confused by any background noise. “I’m sorry, I didn’t understand your request. Did you mean…”  Ummm… No, I didn’t mean…., I simply want to talk to someone about getting my fucking phone bill corrected to what it should be!   At this point, I start hitting zero repeatedly in an attempt to get routed somewhere.
12:18 – Still listening to the same messages literally spelling out (I’m not making this up!) how to get to A T T  dot C O M.  Obviously this is the level of intelligence I can expect to deal with at ATT.  Note to self – use small words.
12:20 – Now talking to “Al Teme”. I made him spell his name.  Gave him rundown of what has happened previous.  he said he’s “researching the issue” and I’d had it – I went off on “Al”.  Told him that it it isn’t corrected in 20 minutes that anything related to ATT will be gone from the house.  Hmmm… I talked to 2 different “Al’s” in the same hour at ATT.  Beginning to suspect they use fake names.  Just realized that this Al didn’t read me the privacy disclosure – so it’s evidently not required after all.
12:30 – been on hold. Al says he’s correcting the LD charge. I told him to remove it. I do not want any ATT  LD or any other carrier LD on this line.  He said he’s taking care of it.
12:31 – Al said he’s getting the phone line turned back on…. I checked and dial tone IS back on home phone….
12:34 – Al still working on it.  I need to ensure the DSL is disconnected.  He also said he’d send a conf email for removal of LD to my bellsouth email account – I had to explain to him that my bell south email was part of the DSL service and that it had been disconnected since april 21st so just how the fuck did he think that would work?  Al didn’t have an answer.
12:36 Told Al to give me conf number and I’d note it here.  it’s change order Conf # C96VVBL7 to remove LD….
12:36 – Balance for July is now – 27.09 I asked for conf # for DSL disconnect – Y115842809
12:38 – Went through and verified that I should not get another bill for DSL, that the phone was working again, that ATT LD was credited, and that ATT LD was removed from the account and I should NOT see any more charges related to ATT LD.  Al said yes, that is all correct. The only thing I will see on the bill next month is the charge for local phone service…  Seems like I’ve heard that somewhere before….
12:39 – Done with call.


I have ZERO confidence that my ATT bill will be correct next month.  I keep picking up the phone to see if I still have dial tone, and I keep pinging to make sure the idiots at ATT haven’t disconnected my Uverse service.  Is it any wonder that ATT is ranked the lowest in customer satisfaction – even behind Sprint!


AT&T sucks.  I don’t know how to say it any other way.  There are no words to describe my level of frustration with them at this point.  Just when I think they can’t POSSIBLY get any worse, they find a brand new way to fuck with me. Such as disconnecting my phone service.   Or adding their long distance service to my account without permission.  Or hanging up on me when I call to attempt to get the problem – the problem they caused – corrected.


I’ve heard that Comcast sucks, but I’m seriously considering changing to them.   Or maybe Knology.  I’m seriously thinking of getting Internet service from a cable company, going back to Direct TV or Dish (at least their shit worked and they corrected problems when anything went wrong) for TV service, and getting Magic Jack for home phone service.  The only reason I don’t have Magic Jack now is that I’ve been waiting for them to be able to port my existing number.  But I don’t need the number that bad.


I have a cell phone with unlimited minutes.  My wife and kids have cell phones (on a family plan) with 1500 daytime minutes, unlimited incoming calls, and free nights and weekends.  We have free long distance on all cell phones.  The kids mainly send texts and IM’s and email anyway – rarely talking on the phone. I do NOT need to put up with AT&T’s moronic bullshit.


If I went back to Direct TV with Internet from anyone (except ATT!) I’d have more channels, at less cost.  I’d have faster Internet than ATT DSL – about the same as ATT Uverse.  Bonus – I wouldn’t have to deal with ATT any more.


AT&T sucks.



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