Federal spending by year

I’m getting annoyed by the partisan dipshits who have amnesia when it comes to taxes, federal spending, and the deficit, so I decided to post a simple chart for easy reference.

All data was taken from the GPO at this link.  As of today (August 6th, 2011) I’m not able to find a verifiable source for the actual (not estimated) numbers for FY 2010, even though it ended on Sept 31st last year.  I suspect the final 2010 deficit number will be a bit higher, as I’ve seen various estimates up to $1.65 trillion.

Note – I’m not including those other numbers here, because they are also estimates, and I might as well use a consistent source in order to avoid bias.  There are only a few months left in FY11 at this point, but (from what I’ve read) I suspect the deficit will be significantly higher than the $1.2 trillion shown here.  Probably more like $1.5 trillion.

I’ve include names to make it easy for people to see which president is responsible for each year. For example, Bush was elected in Nov of 2000, sworn in at the end of Jan 2001, and his first budget was for FY 2002.  Likewise Obama’s first budget was for FY 2010; Bush’s last budget was FY2009.

Got it?  I hope so, this is like 5th grade civics stuff.  Here’s the data.

(All numbers in millions)
President Year  Receipts Outlays Deficit
Clinton 2000 $2,025,198 $1,788,957 $236,241
Clinton 2001 $1,991,142 $1,862,906 $128,236
Bush 2002 $1,853,149 $2,010,907 -$157,758
Bush 2003 $1,782,321 $2,159,906 -$377,585
Bush 2004 $1,880,126 $2,292,853 -$412,727
Bush 2005 $2,153,625 $2,471,971 -$318,346
Bush 2006 $2,406,876 $2,655,057 -$248,181
Bush 2007 $2,568,001 $2,728,702 -$160,701
Bush 2008 $2,523,999 $2,982,554 -$458,555
Bush 2009 $2,104,995 $3,517,681 -$1,412,686
Obama 2010 (est) $2,165,119 $3,720,701 -$1,555,582
Obama 2011 (est) $2,567,181 $3,833,861 -$1,266,680
Source: http://www.gpoaccess.gov/usbudget/fy11/pdf/hist.pdf


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