I want free shit – and I want it now!

The Occupy Wall Street movement started as a protest against the bailouts/favoritism the bankers and investment firms got from Bush and Obama. They’ve collected billions (and covertly borrowed trillions at basically 0% interest) of tax dollars and got favorable treatment from their buddies (Bernanke and Paulson) in government. Hey, no problem, I’m pissed about that too!

But the movement has morphed into a “they got free shit – give me free shit too!” protest. They want their student loan debt forgiven. They want the banks to forgive mortgage debt. Give foreclosed homes to them. Free health care. Credit card debt forgiveness. $1 trillion to plant trees. Ban nuclear power. Ban carbon based (fossil) fuels. Ban credit reporting companies. Free college educations for everyone. Guaranteed “living wage” for everyone – regardless of if they work or not. Ban private contribution (so much for the 1st amendment) and provide free (public) financing for all political campaigns. Ban public employees from receiving any special benefit (I’m for that one!) except they specifically exempt “generous healthcare benefits and pensions”. ALL citizens should pay taxes (hey, another one I agree with because 49% of the people don’t currently pay income taxes!) Eliminate Medicare because it’ll be redundant once they make healthcare free for everyone. Give the EPA power to shut down (or jail) corporations and individuals they deem harmful. End outsourcing by corporations. Pay teachers more while making education free. Oh, and end all war.

And no, I’m not making any of this up. Here’s a partial list: http://www.buzzfeed.com/donnad/occupy-wallstreet-list-of-demands
Here’s more (scroll down to get to the demands):

At this point they are (in my opinion) simply wannabe hippies. Peace, love, and lots of free shit so no one has to work. They are too stupid to understand that someone has to work to pay for their “I want free shit and I want it now!” demands.

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