Gator Mulching Blade – Part 2

I first wrote about the Gator mulching blade a couple of years ago.  I didn’t like it at all back then (read the original review here) and I think the original review is still accurate….  However….

I have found a good use for the Gator blade.  It turns out that it has just enough lift to work with the bagger on the Snapper, so you can chop leaves up a bit before bagging them.  You can bag much better by using the standard high lift Snapper blade, but the leaves are not cut up, so they take up more room in the bag and they don’t decompose very rapidly.

To use the Gator blade to mulch and bag leaves, it works best if you:

  1. Install the Gator mulching blade.
  2. Install the mulching cover on the Snapper.
  3. Drive over the leaves to chop them up.
  4. Remove the mulching cover on the mower.
  5. Install the bagger.
  6. Drive over the mulched up leaves and bag them.

This sounds like much more work than it is, because it takes only a minute or two – and no tools – to install/remove the mulching cover or install/remove the bagger.

So the first pass (with the mulching cover in place) chops up the leaves, condensing the bulky leaves by a considerable amount.  The second pass picks them up and bags them.

Now simply dump the chopped and bagged leaves into the compost bin – or into plastic garbage bags if the compost bin is full – to store them in much less space than if you had used the normal high lift blade for bagging.  Plus the leaves have been finely chopped, so they decompose much faster and don’t take up nearly as much space.

So the Gator mulching blade does have a place – as long as you don’t try to use it to cut grass. 🙂



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