NCAA BowlShit

Flipping through the channels to see what awesome NCAA football matchup the bowl gods have for us on New Years Eve. Two 6-6 teams (Texas A&M and Northwestern) are playing in the “Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas”. WTF?

It should be called the “Mediocre Bowl” or the “If We Had A Real Championship Tournament These Sucky Teams Would Be Sitting On Their Ass At Home Watching It Bowl”.

I’ll admit the “IWHARCTTSTWBSOTAAH Bowl” isn’t a very catchy name, but it’s appropriate for this game….

Holy crap….   I just looked at the schedule and the “Kraft Fight Hunger Bowl” is coming on next, with a 6-6 team (Illinois) playing a team with a losing record, UCLA at 6-7. Seriously, how do crappy teams like this get a New Years Eve bowl game? Should be on April Fools day.

I just heard that BOTH UCLA and Illinois fired their coaches after the atrocious seasons they had, so BOTH teams have interim coaches.  You heard me right:  Both teams sucked so bad during the season that they fired their coaches, yet somehow they are appearing in New Years Eve bowl games.  I think my “WTF Meter” just blew a fuse.

Try another channel you say? Sure!  So I flip to the “2011 Autozone Liberty Bowl” which features the superpower SEC Conference Vanderbilt Commodores (with an outstanding 6-6 record) against the Big East and Cincinnati at 9-3. Luckily I had a useful resource which I could use to track the timing of various games thus not missing any of my favorites. Finally, a goddamn bowl game with at least ONE team with a winning record!

And this is all leading up to Dullapolooza II, Snoozefest II, “Can I buy a Field Goal II”,  ESS EEE SEE Replay, or whatever you what to call the LSU/Alabama no offense, can’t score, how the fuck is this considered a championship game, bowl game.

I call Bowl Shit.

When will the NCAA/corporate bowl gods trash this absolute stupidity of a “championship” and do a real championship tournament. Think about the excitement and TV ratings and millions of dollars if they had a 16 team playoff tournament starting mid-December and ending with a REAL championship game the day before – or even earlier in the day of – the Super Bowl.

Oh well, that would make too much sense, so it won’t happen.  Dumbasses.


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