Batshit Bachmann drops out

Dammit!  Michelle Bachmann dropped out of the race today.  She was so easy to make fun of, just had to read the speeches that day to get new batshit material. Oh well, the whacko side of the Republican party is still well represented with Perry, Gingrich, and Santorum. I’d add Mitt to the list, but I haven’t checked his website yet today to see where here stands on the issues.

As long as the Republicans control at least one house of Congress, and Obama is in the White House, none of these assholes can pass their flavor of BS. So we have gridlock. Which is exactly what I want. The worst possible thing for the country is when a single party controls both congress and the Presidency.

Clinton had it for only 2 years before people saw how screwed up that was and voted Republicans into the house and senate for his last 6 years – the resulting gridlock gave us our only balanced budgets since the 60’s. Dubya had his lackeys in control for 4 of 8 years and totally screwed us with his spending and totalitarian security paranoia.  By 2006 we’d had enough and voted the Dems back in control in Congress – but since dumbass Dubya never met a spending bill he didn’t like, the deficit actually increased his last two years.

Obama’s first two years are (in my opinion) a lot like Clinton’s first two years. His party had total control and he overreached with trying to implement their spending BS to buy votes from their constituency. ObamaCare is a great example.  So in 2010 we voted a bunch of Democrats out.  Hopefully now the Republicans will now block some of the spending – just like with Clinton after 95.

That’s the ONLY way we’ve had success in reducing the rate of growth (I almost said “cutting spending”, but since that’s never happened in my lifetime, that would be a lie) of spending is with a Republican congress blocking almost everything a Democratic president wants to do. The other way (Republican President and Dem Congress) was a total disaster with Dubya spending our money like a drunken sailor with a fresh credit card.

Gridlock is good!


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