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Transcript of a chat session I had with Knology while trying to find out the actual price after I received a very enticing offer in the mail today.  This isn’t funny, or in anyway unique – I just thought it offered some insight into the way these cable companies think we’re stupid.

They ended up offering me faster Internet service, but much worse TV service, for about the same I pay now. From a $79/month with “free “Digital preferred plus, HD Equipment, and Internet Speed Upgrade – 30mbps” with unlimited long distance to about $140 to $150 per month, while losing existing functionality.  Yet somehow this isn’t bait and switch.

WTF are they smoking? Just tell me the god damn price for what I want, and we’ll all be happy!  Instead, I had to suffer through this conversation.  And you can too if you are extremely bored.  (I edited a couple of typos and a few comments out of this, but the meaning and intent of the conversation is unaltered.)

info: Please wait for a Knology sales consultant to respond.
info: You are now chatting with ‘David’
David: Thank you for chatting at Knology!
David: How may I help you today?
Gary: Received a mailer for a $79/month bundle, with free upgrade to “digital preferred plus” HD and 30mbs internet.
Gary: don’t need a phone, but interested in internet and tv
Gary: currently have ATT Uverse, and would like the faster interenet
David: I’ll be glad to talk to you about our services; may I have your address to see if we are available in your area?
Gary: xxxx, xxxxxxx Drive, Knoxville TN
David: Thanks! I will check  your address Gary
Gary: the knology web site hangs when I click on “Internet Edge Plus” to see what the price is, so I figured I’d ask you. 🙂
David: Oh ok. May I ask you a few questions to get the right setup for you?
Gary: sure
David: How many TV’s do you need setup?
Gary: 3
David: How many are HD?
Gary: 1 HD, 2 standard
David: Do you want the HD channels for that 1TV?
Gary: yes
David: Any DVR’s?
Gary: yes – currently have U-Verse, where the 1 DVR works for all TV’s. If yours is different, price it so that I can watch the recorded shows on any TV.
David: So 3 DVR’s?
David: We don’t offer the any room DVR at this time
Gary: ???? umm… geesh, thought everyone had that by now. no, 2 DVR’s if you can’t do all.
Gary: 1 HD, 1 standard def
David: Ok
David: Any specific channels you need on your lineup for sure?
Gary: not really, I watch lots of history, H2, military, discovery, science, etc, and the kids do all the disney, nick, abc family. something equivilent to a normal 200 channel package on U-Verse or Direct TV.
David: Any movie channels like HBO, Showtime etc.?
Gary: no
Gary: netflix handles that. 🙂
David: How many computers are you running at the house?
Gary: 1 connected hardwire
Gary: multiple laptops, smartphones, ipods, etc, but I’ll do those via wireless
David: Do you own a cable modem?
David: What will you be using the internet for in the house?
Gary: no cable modem, but I can buy one if it makes sense to. I surf, publish pics to Flickr, use netflix, etc. online backups.
David: Do you have a wireless router?
Gary: yes
David: I can rent the modem for $5 to start your service. They run around $90-100 if you buy one locally
Gary: I know. I’m just trying to find out how much the internet service will cost. If it makes sense to add TV, I’ll do it. But I figured for a $79 bundle with no contract, free upgrade to (whatever “digital preferred plus” is, and a free upgrade to 30mbs internet, I thought I’d ask. Still waiting for a price.
Gary: I’m paying $55/month for 18mbs/down, 1.5mbs up service now. can you beat it or not?
David: So just to make sure I have everything correct. You looking for 1HD box  2DVR’s boxes , watching history, H2 military and the kids watch disney, nick etc. no movie channels
Gary: In other words, how much is “Edge Plus”?  the web site doesn’t say
Gary: yes
David: The internet you want my high speed internet with modem rental for pictures, flickr, online backups etc.
Gary: yes. Edge Plus or whatever. The fastest you have. that’s the only reason I’m here, as I’m satisfied with my TV service
David: I will put together the pricing one moment please.
David: I can offer you my Digital preferred cable with, 200 channels including Encore movie channels, ,  pay per view, free on demand,1 free HD digital box, 2DVR’s  and my EDGE plus High speed internet( speeds up to 30 mbps download for $122.80 for  12months plus fees and taxes.  If you don’t own your modem you can rent from me for $5 more per month. I’m sure this make sense for you correct?
Gary: I don’t need Encore, is there a difference if I drop that?
David: It’s included so the same pricing
Gary: OK, can you send a channel lineup for the digital preferred?
David: One moment
Gary: give me a sec while I pull out my uverse bill… want to make sure I’m not missing anything
David: Sure
David: I just sent the page with the channel lineup
Gary: thanks, hold on please while I check it out.
David: Take your time
Gary: I want to make sure I understand. Does this (the $122) include the basic, expanded basic, digital preferred, HDTV channels (on the one HD TV), and digital music channels I see on that link?
David: Yes it does
David: The modem rental is $5 more just so you know
Gary: Hmm… cool… how much extra is it for NFL Redzone? Gotta have that for my fantasy teams. 🙂 (It’s included in my current HD package)
Gary: understood about the modem. thanks
David: It’s $6.95 for the redzone you also get the additional sports channel
David: When would like to be installed?
Gary: so the $6.95 is the cost for the “Sports Pak”? No way to get just the Redzone channel? (I don’t care a bit about the other channels in that package.)
David: Sorry it’s all inclusive for $6.95
Gary: Thanks, so that would bring it to about $130 before taxes. My current Uverse taxes are $13.41, so would you’s be about the same? I’m flexible on installation date as I’m not in any hurry. Mainly looking for the internet speed upgrade.
David: Now we do process a credit check to see if any deposit will be required…Is that ok?
Gary: yes, that won’t be a problem.
David: I will need your first and last name, date of birth, social security number. And 2 good contact phone numbers.
Gary: but I don’t know if I want to do this yet. We’ve jumped up a LOT from the $79/month bundle that included phone service (which I do not want) with free upgrade to digital preferred plus, HD, and 30mbs internet offer that’s in the mailer. All I’ve added is a a 2nd DVR (because you can’t do whole house with one like Uverse and Direct TV). Would it be cheaper if I included a phone?
Gary: At $145/month ($150 with cable modem rental) That’s what I pay now for Uverse
David: I actually quoted 2 DVR’s for you so I have the $79 dig pref/ high speed internet + $16.90 ( 1st DVR ) + $16.90 ( 2nd DVR) + $10 EDGE plus internet + $5 modem rental + $6.95  redzone + $134.75 plus taxes and fees
David: I can add the phone for the same pricing you would have around $10-12 additional taxes and fees for the phone
Gary: no, definitely don’t want the phone.
David: Oh ok. Did you want both DVR’s?
David: You do get 1 free HD box as well with the quote above
Gary: I can currently watch any recorded show on any TV, so I’d actually need 3 DVR’s to get the same service I have today. But I only “need” 2 – one for me and my wife, one for the kids room. Question: Why is it +$10 for edge plus when it says “Free Upgrades” “Internet speed upgrade – 30mbps”?
Gary: Does the “free HD box” include DVR? Or is that just to receive the HD channels?
David: Sorry your right  the Edge is included for the free 12months
David: Let me revised your quote.
Gary: Thanks.
David: $79 dig pref/ EDGE plus high speed internet + $16.90 ( 1st DVR ) + $16.90 ( 2nd DVR) +  $5 modem rental + $6.95 redzone + $124.75 plus taxes and fees
Gary: 124.75/month plus about $15 fees and taxes would be around $140/month. Plus I lose a DVR.
David: Yes!  plus you get much faster internet up 30mbps
Gary: True, and that’s very enticing, but the Internet speed increase is the only plus. Sorry David, I don’t see any gain here. If you could price it less than what I currently have, it would be worth it, but no sense in losing existing functionality for a slight speed increase at the same price.
Gary: Thank you! I appreciate your time.
David: The only way would be to give up a DVR
Gary: I know.
David: Let me know if you change your mind
David: My direct line is 1-xxx-xxx-xxxx
Gary: right now 1 DVR is used for all TV’s, and it’s great to record a show and be able to watch from any TV.
Gary: Thanks, I’ll call you if I can figure out a way to make it work.. Really like the speed part, not so much on the TV. 🙂
David: I have your chat saved so you don’t have to start all over
David: I’m here from 10am to 7pm.. Tuesday – Saturday
Gary: Thanks, have a good evening.

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