I received an email from one of my Senators, John Duncan this evening. He’s touting his sponsorship of a “point of order” on the proposed highway bill, which “called on Congress to face fiscal reality as it considers a two-year highway reauthorization bill.”

He says he’s “against the pending highway bill for violating spending restrictions”. Hey, sounds good. I’m against the feds spending money on highways too. He even wrote an Op-Ed in the Washington Post this week:

But, (as they say) let’s examine the record….

In 2005, this same John Duncan (as US Representative) not only voted FOR the highway re-authorization bill SAFETEA-LU (Safe Accountable, Flexible and Efficient Transportation Equity Act – A Legacy for Users), he was a co-sponsor. At $286 billion it was the “largest public works bill in U.S. history.”

So according to Corker, it’s fine to sponsor and vote for a $286 billion highway bill under Budget Busting Bush, but the current $109 billion highway bill “spends more than we can afford”.

This is the kind of partisan stupidity that got us into the current debt crisis – and yes, I do consider it a crisis, and I’ve been saying it for years. This asshole voted for the moronic Bush policies that got us here, but now he suddenly found budgetary religion when it’s a moronic Obama policy.

Just like almost all of the others in congress, Senator Corker is a two-faced, lying, hypocritical asshole. He is pandering to his lemming base for personal political gain. Fire them all.


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