Why blame Obama for Afghanistan?

So I run across this story where Republicans are blaming Obama for the problems in Afghanistan.  And while I’m no fan of Obama, I have to wonder WTF these dudes are smoking?

Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and ex-senator Rick Santorum assailed the president on separate television talks shows as creating an untenable situation by setting a hard-and-fast 2014 timetable for a US withdrawal.

‘If the game plan is we’re leaving irrespective of whether we’re going to succeed or not, then why are we still there?’ asked Mr Santorum on ABC’s This Week. “Let’s either commit to winning, or let’s get out.’ The attacks from the right came as the administration was struggling to contain the fallout from a massacre of 16 villagers, many of them women and children, by a US soldier who allegedly went on a rampage March 11 in southern Afghanistan.

So both Frothy Mixture Santorum and Flip Flop Mitt are now blaming Obama for Afghanistan.  That’s like blaming Nixon for Vietnam, or Truman for WWII.  Morons.


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