Canon 5D Mark III Reviews

I decided to collect some links to real reviews of the new Canon 5D Mark III.  I wasted a lot of time clicking through links, only to find that something touted as a “review” was actually a “preview” and simply talked about the specs and operation of the 5D Mark III based off of a Canon press release.  Boo….

Since the 5D Mark III has been arriving in peoples hands for a couple of days now, there will be plenty of reviews soon.

These are all links to people who have used the actual 5D Mark III (or 5D3 or 5DM3) as I sometimes see) so you can actually read opinions and see plenty of sample pictures.  I don’t care much about video, so these will be primarily photography focused reviews.  Enjoy!

Ken Rockwell (My favorite photography site.) 5D Mark III review

Laurie Bracewell Photography



Jeff Ascough

Camera Labs

Steve DePino

The Digital Picture

Customer reviews at Amazon (Just a couple so far, but I’m sure it will increase rapidly.)

Martin Bailey Photography (He also has a podcast review available)

Spoken Word (Audio review)

Trent Chau

Jan Shim (Lot’s of detail on the menu options)


Bamber Photography


Patrick Butler (Notes and comments from using it to shoot a wedding – Excellent!)

Digital Rev (YouTube video review of Canon 5D Mark III)

Ron Martinsen’s Photography (Great real world info, and additional links to more 5D3 stuff at the bottom)

I’ll add more as they become available.



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  1. […] posted links to some REAL reviews of the Canon 5D Mark III yesterday, and mine arrived from Adorama yesterday as well.  Since I only placed my order on Friday […]

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