Rombama? Robama? Obamney?

Rombama? Robama? Obamney?  I don’t know what name will ultimately be used for this seemingly inevitable putridity of a choice, but it will suck.  Because there is no real choice between Barack Obama and Mitt Romney.

Except for a few of the “I’m more Christian than Christ” stupidities that all Republicans evidently have to parrot, they have the same positions on everything that matters.  Real stuff, like continuing stupid wars, TARP, bailouts, stimulus, payroll tax cuts, and of course RObamaCare.

Though Romney will loudly shout about the nuances that make his positions ever-so-slightly different than something Obama said, when you actually look at the policies, they both have the exact damn same positions.

Here’s a link to a story on The Root that compares some of the similarities.

Santorum is even doing it now with his new ad. (Just to be clear, I think Santorum would be an absolute disaster as President, doing everything he can to drag us back to the dark ages, but he’d be better than either Romney or Obama – because most of Santorum’s stupidity wouldn’t pass congress.)

The Tea Party Tribune goes after ObamneyCare as well. No, I haven’t read the site before tonight, it came up in a search. But I like the way the article ends: Romney is smart … he graduated from Harvard. Strange, so did Obama. Gee, it appears the striking similarities between Romney and Obama are quite, well, striking. Let’s just call it hope and change … Republican style.

Even PolitiFact can’t deny that there’s really no difference between ObamaCare and RomneyCare.

Meet the new boss…. Same as the old boss….

Send a REAL message.  Vote Libertarian and show the Republicrats we don’t like the “choice” they are giving us.  If you can’t bring yourself to vote Libertarian, at least vote against the incumbents.  You know, the dimwits who voted for RobamaCare, who voted for the bailouts, who voted for TARP, and for Afghanistan/Iraq.  FIRE THEM ALL!




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