AT&T Still, Still Sucks

Guess who I’m on the phone with because of ANOTHER incorrect bill…. That’s right, AT and fucking T. Never again. When this contract is out, I will never again deal with AT&T. Never. Ever…. Ever.

This latest fiasco is caused by me (according to AT&T) because I ordered a “3 month free trial” of HBO/Cinemax on Feb 27th.  I canceled it last week, on May 15th. Feb 27 through May 15 is less than 3 months on every calendar I’ve ever seen. But AT&T insists that I owe for the service from May 9th (the start of my billing cycle) through the 15th, because evidently THEY CAN’T SUBTRACT 2(FEB) from 5(MAY).

Go ahead, do the math. I’ll wait……

If you came up with more than 3 months from Feb 27th through May 15th, you need to apply at AT and stupid fucking idiots R us T, because that’s what they did.

I canceled more than a week early (technically I could have waited until May 27th) precisely to AVOID this idiocy, but they are utter morons. Kept getting mad at me when I told them that I shouldn’t have been billed starting on May 8th, because that was way less than 3 months. I actually had to count to them (Feb is month 2, March is 3, April is 4, May is 5) to get them to do the math (literally, 5-2=3) and see the problem.

Absolute morons.

I posted about AT&T’s general incompetency last year here, and again earlier this year here.  I do not understand how anyone would voluntarily deal with a company this bad on all levels. I had to ask to speak to a supervisor again tonight, just to hear him tell me that I owed from May 9th through the 15th.  Words cannot describe the loathing I have for these incompetent boobs.



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