Fiscal Insanity

Ran across this post in today’s Daily Reckoning. Those of you who like to think we can go on printing money without consequences should read – not just this article, but basically everything they publish.  I wouldn’t call it “doomsday” stuff, but predicting financial collapse for those who think money can be summoned into existence at will isn’t rocket science.  Here’s a quote from the article I linked to:

And then there are the Americans north of the Rio Grande, whose government prefers to dress its printing up in fancy names. They try to bamboozle the crowd with academic-sounding terms like Quantitative Easing and Operation Twist. The average man on the street has no idea what these terms mean. But he trusts his Dear Leaders because he is told to trust them. He swore an allegiance to the flag every morning while in school…and he takes this more seriously than his own common sense, long since abandoned.

Republicans…Democrats…Bernanke…Greenspan. No matter. It’s the same people pulling the same old tricks. Aside from faces and names, there is no change. It’s an illusion, designed to make the audience think they have a say in what happens on stage. But the script has already been written. And this is a rerun.

Call it QE, Call it Twist. Call arguments from the opposition “totally false.” In the end, the result is always the same. A shrinking currency…inflation…the ultimate in centrally organized counterfeiting on the grandest of scales.

Ah, I feel better now. Hopefully at least a few of you will get the message and vote the bums out. And by “vote the bums out” I mean exactly that. Re-elect no one.  Fire them all. Do you think the dumb asses in DC would get a clue if we didn’t send any of them back? Want to bet that their replacements would get the message?  Let’s make this a REAL “tea party” and get rid of ALL the jerks spending our money.

BTW – I say REAL tea party because – while I agree with many in the Tea Party movement, I disagree with many as well. God doesn’t belong in our government. He’s not in the Constitution, and if you think that’s a mistake or oversight, you’d better think again. Every single word in the document was parsed by some of the smartest, best read, and best educated people in the world. Those dead white guys – the Founders –  knew what they were doing.

We are NOT a democracy. We are a republic. There’s a big damn difference, and you crazy ass psycho Republicans should look it up at some point.


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