Journal News employees names and addresses

Remember that newspaper story that listed all the people with gun permits in a three county area north of NYC? They got all kinds of publicity about it (so I’m not linking to the story here) and they said they were right to publish the the info because it’s a matter of public record.

Hey – you know what else is public record? The names and addresses of the editors and employees of the Journal News.  A local blogger (Christopher Fountain) decided turnabout was fair play, so he published the names, addresses, phone numbers, email and Facebook addresses, etc. of the Journal News employees. Brilliant!

His blog is titled For What It’s Worth, and here’s a direct link to his post with the info.

I love his take: Editor Cyndee Royle defends her decision and in fact sounds quite smug about it. Her paper is apparently still trying to obtain, and publish, information on how many guns, and their type, are registered to each owner, presumably to make shopping easier for gun thieves. Nothing more disappointing than getting a Remington 870 when you’ve been hoping for a Ruger Mini Thirty.

Let’s keep those cards and letters (and telephone calls, of course) coming.

Here’s a link to a story with an embedded Google map with the address info. It’s a work in progress, but here’s the map of Journal News Employees.

To create the map, Talk of the Sound submitted Google searches for the names and addresses of all Journal News employees in the New York Tri-State area. By state law, the information is public record.

I wonder how Cyndee Royle likes having her info posted? Note that some of the facebook pages linked to are being taken offline – or maybe they finally learned how to adjust privacy settings – but many of them are still available.

If you think what the Journal News did was unethical, please pass on the links to their info on your Facebook page and blogs. I’m sure calling their phone numbers and/or sending them a nice note explaining your views on the subject via email or snail mail will also be well received.

Here’s another good post from Christopher on the subject.
And one from the Libertarian Advocate about him appearing on CNN discussing why he published the list.


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