Refuge Vs Park

This ticked me off.  In part, it says:

Without adequate funding, we are jeopardizing some of the world’s most spectacular wildlife and wild lands,” said Evan Hirsche, president of the National Wildlife Refuge Association and chairman of the Cooperative Alliance for Refuge Enhancement.

Pull your taxpayer funded head out of your ass Evan.  It’s a “wildlife refuge” not a national or state park.  Why the hell do you need hundreds of millions of dollars in funding to keep something natural?

I understand about parks, those are different – they’re set up for people to visit and you need certain facilities.  A “wildlife refuge” is not the same.  People shouldn’t expect boardwalks and carpet in visitor centers.

According to the story, Alaska has 76 million acres of refuge lands and accounts for 83 percent of land in the refuge system. Managing those lands can be particularly daunting given the sheer size and remoteness of many of the state’s 16 refuges, said Todd Logan, regional chief of the National Wildlife Refuge System in Alaska.

Excuse me, but if 83 pecent of the land in the refuge system is in Alaska, I don’t think prostitution, growing pot, and illegal immigrants camping in the refuge should be much of a problem.

Get your own funding and keep your greedy paws out of my wallet.


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