Better late than never – part 2

As I said before, Texas had no right (and violated several amendments in the Bill of Rights) ro take children from their parents who are members of the FLDS.  At last they are being returned to their homes.

CNN says a Texas judge issued an order Monday allowing parents of hundreds of children seized from a polygamist sect to begin picking up their kids.

With one exception, Judge Barbara Walther told the Department of Family and Protective Services to allow parents to pick up the 440 children starting 10 a.m. Monday.

It’s about time!  What business is it of the state to determine the type a relationship consenting adults wish to have with each other?  IMHO, none. 

Polygamy should be legal, as should homosexual marriages.  I have a hard enough time with one wife – I would probably go insane with two, but it’s no skin off of my back if someone wants to get married.  I don’t care who they get married to.


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