NFL Week 8

Just a few thoughts on week 8 in the NFL regarding fantasy football.  The people I’ll talk about are mainly those I have on my team, or those who stand out to me in some way.

If anyone needs a one week fill in at RB3, give Cedric Benson a try.  He’s playing at Houston (who gives up big games to RB’s more often than Madden raves about Favre) but he’s basically worthless after that because he plays against Jacksonville, Philly, Pittsburgh, and Baltimore in the next 4 weeks.

Benson should get 15 to 20 touches for 60 to 80 yards and a couple of receptions – possibly even a TD.  Not great stats, but in the neighborhood of 8 to 12 points.

Another good possibility is Leon Washington.  Thomas Jones gets most of the carries for the Jets, but KC is bad enough that Washington will get his chances too.  Plus a few receptions because he comes in on passing situations.  60 to 80 yards, 4 or 5 receptions, probably a TD.  10 to 15 points in a PPR league.  (I picked up Washington this week to use in case Steven Jackson is a last minute scratch.)

I also have Reggie Bush at RB and he was the #1 point scorer in our PPR league unril he got hurt.  Since I also have Steven Jackson and Chris Johnson at RB, I’m not hurting too bad, but I’ve debated all week whether or not to pick up Stecker or Thomas – McAllister isn’t available, and reports are that he’s about to be suspended for 4 games for a prohibited substance (steriods) violation.

So I keep wavering on picking up Stecker or Thomas.  Stecker is the better receiver, but Thomas is a better RB.  This REALLY matters in a PPR league – not so much in standard leagues.  If Duece is suspended, Thomas is a no brainer to get lots of touches.   My gut says that Stecker is the better add, but I think I’m just gonna wait and see how it plays out this weekend in London.  The Saints are playing the Chargers (with a terrible pass defense) so I’ll just hold off and see if Stecker gets enough receptions to matter.

If the reports are true and Duece is suspended for 4 games starting next week, Thomas is a no brainer to pick up.  He was the main workhorse last year when both Duece and Bush were out, and he’d resume that role this year.

I have the Titans DST, but they’re playing Indy this week, and I’m not betting against Peyton Manning.  Sure, the Titans will probably shut down Indy’s running game – but that just means Manning will throw more often.  That’s not good for the Titans DST.  They might get a pick or 2, but Manning will complete it enough times to Clark, Wayne, and Harrison (in that order) that I wouldn’t get many points.  So I picked up the Jets DST.

While I’m on the subject of Indy, their rushing defense is ranked 28th.  Yes, I’m starting Chris Johnson this week!

Back to the DST discussion – The Jets are going against KC this week at home.  KC is without Croyle and Huard, so Thigpen is their QB.  They also don’t have Larry Johnson again, so the only legit offensive weapons they have are Gonzalez and Bowe.  The Jets should be able to contain them without too much of a problem – and all those backup starters are bound to turn it over a few times.   The Chiefs will score 10 points max, and I’m actually expecting them to be shut out.

The RB situation in New England is also something to watch.  Maroney is out for the year, Sammy Morris is hurt and probably won’t play (if he does play he won’t get all the touches) so who’s gonna be Da Man for the Patriots?

I hate trying to remember “BenJarvus Green-Ellis” so I hope it’s Faulk, but who knows?  The Patriots are about like the Bronco’s and Raiders when it comes to knowing what to expect at running back, so I’m taking a wait and see on this one.

Anquan Boldin is back after a 3 week absence due to a sinus fracture – but I’m not starting him this week.  Reports are that he’d lost 10 pounds on a liquid diet while his jaw was wired shut.  He might be good to go, but I think I’ll wait another week before putting him back in my lineup.

Speaking of the Cardinals, Warner has been everything I expected this year.  But he’s going against the Panthers this week.  After seeing how the Panthers shut down the Saints last week, Warner is gonna be benched for me this week – with or without Boldin.  I have Trent Edwards for a backup, and he should do fine against Miami’s 27th ranked passing defense.

Note to everyone on the Steve Slaton bandwagon – ride him for one more week.  He’s going against Cincy this week, but he has Minnesota and Baltimore after that.  Don’t even think about starting him for those games.

No one is better in fantasy than Westbrook – when he plays.  In a PPR league he’s Da Man.  But he’s banged up enough that (if you have him) you absolutely, positively must have Buckhalter as a handcuff.   If Westbrook doesn’t play, you can start Buckhalter with almost zero drop off in points.  By far the best handcuff in fantasyland.

Roddy White has been a stud so far this year, but he’ll be tested this week against Philly’s defense.  I’m still starting him, but I’m cutting my expectations for him this week.  Mainly because his rookie QB Ryan is gonna be under pressure all day.

That reminds me – those of you who like “Turner the Burner” better lower your expectations this week too.  Turner has been great against bad defenses, but he sucks against good ones.  Just saying.

I really like a couple of rookie WR’s, Josh Morgan and Donnie Avery.  I don’t own either right now, but I’m gonna be picking one of them up as soon as I drop the Jets DST on Tuesday.  I’ll grab another (or Camarillo) the next week when I drop Bo Scaife after Antonio Gates bye week in week 9.  And I’ll pick up another WR when Bush comes back about week 11.  In a PPR league, you cannot have too many WR’s.  Some may never start for you, but you gotta have em to play the matchups when you get to the playoffs.

Speaking of playoffs, they start in week 13 in my 12 team league.  It’s almost time to check out schedules to get the kickers and DST’s with the best matchups on my team.  I’m undefeated so far this year, so I’ve got the luxury of looking ahead right now.  By this time next week, I’ll be looking to see which kickers and DST’s has good looking matchups in weeks 13 and 14 – because that’s when it counts.

One last thought….  Never ever pick up a player without looking at the who they’re playing against during the time you expect them to be on your roster.  I don’t care who it is, a superstud RB is gonna have a bad day playing the Ravens or Vikings, and I’ve yet to see a QB or WR go off when playing Carolina.


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