Bush sucks Part 1

I don’t have time to get into all of the reasons that George W. Bush will go down in history as one of the worst Presidents ever, but the Knoxville News Sentinel captured part of it in an editorial today.  His mind boggling deficits.

In case you’ve forgotten, we had a surplus (fake though it may have been do to counting Social Security receipts as general revenue) but overall the federal government took in more money than it spent in 1998, 1999, and 2000.

Bush not only blew the surplus, he’s run the highest deficits in history!  The only President who comes close to being as fiscally irresponsible is his dad – Mr,. “Read my lips, no new taxes” – who also sucked.

From the News Sentinel:

In 1998, thanks to a healthy tension between a Democratic president and a Republican Congress, the country began running budget surpluses.

That lasted until George W. Bush took office. He saw a projected 10-year federal surplus of $5.6 trillion as a problem, a sign that taxpayers had been “overcharged.” He certainly solved that problem.

The interest on the federal deficit alone is $451 billion in 2008.  Bush is adding $1 trillion to the deficit this year alone – not counting the cost of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan!  For some reason, Bush doesn’t think those billions (it’s gotta be close to $1 trillion by now) should count.  Huh?

Please go away George.  Really, I won’t be mad if you left office early and let the White House janitor run the show for a few months – he CAN’T do any worse than you are doing!

I titled this post “Bush sucks part 1” because there’s a LOT more to back up my assertion that Bush is the worst President we’ve ever had, but I don’t feel like doing all the research tonight.  Just pick a subject – economy, growth of the federal government, starting a needless war to settle a family fued, overly intrusive rules and regulations on business (does Sarbannes Oxley – SOX – ring a bell?), unconstitutional wiretaps, imprisonment without charges, etc.

Bush makes lame-brain Carter look like a genius!  And that’s way to much to put into one post, so I’ll add parts to this as I get to them before Bush leaves office.


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