Faith or science?

Stories like this one in the Knoxville News Sentinel today are popular tear jerker’s – kind of like any film with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts – but they make no sense.

The story I referenced is headlined “A family’s faith helps them find the best gift of all” and it’s replete with statements like “They’re thankful for friends and family, acquaintances and complete strangers, who all prayed ceaselessly for Kara’s recovery, and for their Lord, who they believe listened to their prayers and made Kara’s body strong enough to withstand a very aggressive cancer and equally aggressive treatment.”

And – “Every entry, be the news good or bad, called on Kara’s “prayer warriors” and praised God.”  along with “But prayer can put Kara in that good percentage, the Lees believe, and there’s no shortage of people praying for Kara. Even a decal on the Lees’ car urges, “Pray for Kara.

Ok, I understand that many people are unable to cope with their problems, and that it’s helpful for them to pawn the responsibility off onto God – so they can then sit back and say “it was God’s will” no matter what happens.   But come on – does anyone really believe that God cured her cancer?

Don’t you think medical schools (where actual science must be taught if the doctors are to be able to do anything) had something to do with it?   How about the doctors’ willingness to fore go their 20’s while they were studying and working their butts off?   Do you know of any doctors who got their medical training during a theology course at a bible college?

Would you trust one of them to treat your appendicitis?  Thought so.


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