Specter and Collins allow stimulus to pass

According to FoxNews.com, Republican Senators Specter and Collins have defected from the other Republicans and signed onto the latest pork-filled stimulus bill.  Take a look at the picture – which I copied from the FoxNews.com story.

Congress Stimulus

Don’t they look happy?  I don’t normally make fun of the way others look, but these two look like they just took turns sucking off a lemon.  Maybe two lemons.  Covered with something nasty.  If you had just signed off on the largest spending bill in the history of the country would you at least try to force a smile?

The story on FoxNews says:

The House passed a economic stimulus package of a little more than $800 billion last month with Republicans unified against the measure. In Senate deliberations, the price tag had risen higher than $900 billion, prompting Senate Republicans to complain that it contained too much spending and not enough tax relief.

Even Democratic Sen. Dianne Feinstein of California voiced opposition to the bill on Friday, saying it wouldn’t do enough to stimulate the economy. But after news broke Friday night that a deal had been reached, Feinstein said, “This is as good a compromise as we are going to get.”

Wow, even the Democrats thought it was a bad bill – but they are voting for it anyway because the new President said they had to.  Get a brain people!  This bill won’t do anything except spend money we don’t have, trying to fix a problem caused by stupid people.  And as Ron White would say “you can’t fix stupid!”


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