An open letter to President Obama

I read today where the President launched a new website to allow us to track where the “Recovery Act” money is going.  It’s at  On the website, President Obama says This is your money. You have a right to know where it’s going and how it’s being spent. Learn what steps we’re taking to ensure you can track our progress every step of the way.

There are also links on the site to “Contact Us” and “Share your Recovery Story“.  So I did. 🙂

Rather than simply send my comments to a website form that no one will ever read or respond to, I decided to send my comments to the site, but to also copy them here so people could see them.  Unlike comments here, comments to seem to disappear.  They don’t show up on the website, and you don’t even receive an email form letter saying “thank you for contacting us” or some other nonsensical crap that makes you feel like they saw your comment.

So I decided to copy my comments here for all to see.  Feel free to add your comments, both at and here.  I’ve decided to put my comments  in an “open letter” format.  So here goes!

An open letter to President Obama;

February 18th, 2009

Mr. President,

I left the following comment on your “contact us” form.

While it’s great to show a big picture view of where the money is going, I’d like more detail.

Which companies are getting the money for “Science and Infrastructure Relief”, just what is “Protecting the Vulnerable” and who is getting that $81 billion?

What is “State and Local Fiscal Relief” – which state and local governments are getting the money and how much?  Who decided how this $144 billion will be spent?  What projects is it being spent on?

I have dozens of other questions, and I doubt I can list them all, but in general, I want to know who is receiving every dime of my money.

Since I was responsible with my finances, I know it won’t be me, but I have a right to know if my tax dollars went to my neighbor to renegotiate and pay down his house.

Fess up, detail it, tell me which companies and individuals got my money.  That’s transparency – lets see if you keep your promise.

Since you also have a “Share your Recovery Story” section where you ask me to “Tell us how the Recovery Act is affecting you.”, I also took advantage of your offer to listen and posted how your stimulus bill is affecting me.  Here’s what I sent to you on that form:

How is the “Recovery Act” affecting me?  From what I can tell, the effect on me is that I now owe $5702.90 more than I did before this act was passed.  That’s $787 billion divided by 138 million (as of 2007) taxpayers.

That’s my share of what Congress and President Obama just spent.  That’s ridiculous.

It’s ridiculous because I lived within my means, didn’t buy a house that I couldn’t afford, and now I have to fork over my money to pay for people who couldn’t do basic math when they borrowed money.

They borrowed on credit cards, cars, consumer electronics and most of all houses.  They made $50K per year and somehow thought they could afford a $400K house.  With no money down.  On an “Option ARM”, or “Pik-A-Pay” mortgage.  And because they can’t add, I’m now paying part of their mortgage.

That’s how the “Recovery Act” is affecting me Mr. President.  And you can quote me on that.

Thank you for asking for my input Mr. President.  I hope that by reading it you have gained a deeper understanding on how your $787 billion spending plan is affecting me and the vast majority of Americans who are able to add and subtract.


P.S.  You may quote these messages in any communication you like.  I don’t insist on attribution, please use the information however it best assists you in bailing out badly managed banks and companies.  Don’t forget the individuals who bought more house than they could afford using exotic mortgages.

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