More stimulus waste

I’m continuing to read the stimulus bill, I’ll add stuff here that I think is stupid.  Stupid as in it doesn’t do a damn thing to stimulate the economy and doesn’t actually help people who are out of work.  Keep in mind that is you simply gave each taxpayer an equal portion of the $787 billion stimulus bill, each person would get $5702.90 to blow to stimulate the economy.

Of course, each taxpayer actually owes $5702.90 simply to pay for their portion of the bill, so if we gave each of them that much money, we’d all be even.  Therein lies the flaw in the stimulus bill.  Governemnt doesn’t create anything – it simply takes money from one group and gives it to another group.  Minus their cut of course.

In other words, they’d actually acheive a higher stimulus rate by simply letting each of us taxpayers keep our own damn money – but then they wouldn’t be seen as “doing something” and they wouldn’t get re-elected.

Back to the bill.  As before, comment in [these brackets] are mine.  An ellipsis (…) means I cut out some text to make it readable, and text in italics is a 100% accurate quote.

Picking up where I left off yesterday on page 17 of the PDF version of the actual bill:

  • $2.5 billion to the National Science Foundation for ‘‘Research and Related Activities’’
  • $1,474,525,000 to improve, repair and modernize Department of Defense facilities, restore and modernize real property to include barracks, and invest in the energy efficiency of Department of Defense facilities. [WTF does installing CFL’s have to do with getting the economy moving?]
  • $657,051,000 [to the Navy, for the same crap as the Army got just above.]
  • $113,865,000 [Gotta get some CFL’s for the Marines too – even though they’re on Navy ships…]
  • $1,095,959,000 [Crap! we forgot to give money to the Air Force for CFL’s!]
  • $98,269,000 [Army Reserve needs lights too.]
  • $55,083,000 [Don’t forget the Navy Reserve!]
  • $39,909,000 [Or the Marine Reserve – can you guess what’s coming next?]
  • $13,187,000 [Yup, gotta give the Air Force Reserve CFL’s too.]
  • $266,304,000 [Crap, are we done yet?  This is for the Army National Guard “energy efficiencies”]
  • $25,848,000 [Guess not – Air National Guard gets new lights too.]
  • $75,000,000 [Times 4, each branch gets this for Research, Development, Test and Evaluation. Of what?]
  • $400,000,000 to improve, repair and modernize military medical facilities, and invest in the energy efficiency of military medical facilities. [Didn’t we just do this above?]
  • $25 million for the Corps of Engineers for ‘‘Investigations’’ [Quotes are original.  No I don’t know what it means either, but they get $25 million to do it with.]
  • $375 million For an additional amount for ‘‘Mississippi River and Tributaries’’
  • $2.075 billion For an additional amount for ‘‘Operation and Maintenance’’ [Of what?  Why?  how’s this gonna create jobs? They don’t say.]
  • $100 million For an additional amount for ‘‘Formerly Utilized Sites Remedial Action Program’’ [$100 million to pay for crap we aren’t using anymore?]
  • $1 billion (say it like Austin Powers) For an additional amount for ‘‘Water and Related Resources’’
  • $16.8 billion For an additional amount for ‘‘Energy Efficiency and Renewable Energy’’ [I thought we covered this with the defense department CFL crap above, but it looks like the DOE got their hand in the cookie jar too.]
  • $2 billion in grants to manufacturers of advanced battery systems and vehicle batteries [Don’t forget, italics are 1005 quoted text, no changes.]
  • $4.5 billion for expenses necessary for electricity delivery and energy reliability activities to modernize the electric grid [Aren’t expenses for utility companies part of our electric bills?  Who cares?  Here’s $4.5 billion to utility companies!]
  • $3.4 billion For an additional amount for ‘‘Fossil Energy Research and Development’’ [ WTF?  I thought we we trying to get rid of fossil fuels, here we’re giving out billions to do more research on them!]

I swear I’m not making any of this up.  And I’m skipping lots of stuff that either bores me or might – and I mean MIGHT actually makes sense.  Here’s one that just kills me:  $1.6 billion For an additional amount for ‘‘Science’’.  That’s it.  No explanation.  Just “Science”.  And the quotes are original.  It could be going for political science.  No one knows because it isn’t defined in the bill.

Back to the fun….

  • $5.127 billion For an additional amount for ‘‘Defense Environmental Cleanup,’’
  • $3.25 billion For the purposes of providing funds to assist in financing the construction, acquisition, and replacement of the transmission system of the Bonneville Power Administration [Doesn’t the Bonneville Power Administration have paying customers?  Why are we giving them tax dollars?]

I’m hoping everyone reading this realizes what a pain it is to scroll through page after page of deliberate obfuscation in order to find the actual spending appropriations.  I’m talking about crap like this: ‘‘(F) OPEN PROTOCOLS AND STANDARDS.—The Secretary shall require as a condition of receiving funding under this subsection that demonstration projects utilize open protocols and standards (including Internet-based protocols and standards) if available and appropriate.’’.
(4) By amending paragraph (2) of section 1304(c) to read as follows:
‘‘(2) to carry out subsection (b), such sums as may be necessary.’’.
(5) By amending subsection (a) of section 1306 by striking ‘‘reimbursement of one-fifth (20 percent)’’ and inserting ‘‘grants of up to one-half (50 percent)’’.
(6) By striking the last sentence of subsection (b)(9) of section 1306.
(7) By striking ‘‘are eligible for’’ in subsection (c)(1) of section 1306 and inserting ‘‘utilize’’.

That’s a direct quote.  Damn, someone should pay me to read through this.  I don’t know why, cause I’m doing it anyway, but it should be worth something.  😉

  • $8 million for financial assistance, technical assistance, training and outreach programs designed to benefit Native American, Native Hawaiian, and Alaskan Native communities
  • $5.55 billion For an additional amount to be deposited in the Federal Buildings Fund
  • $300 million For capital expenditures and necessary expenses of acquiring motor vehicles with higher fuel economy, including: hybrid vehicles; electric vehicles; and commercially-available, plug-in hybrid vehicles [Didn’t we already have an auto industry bailout?]

That’s it for tonight  I’ve been up too late too many nights in a row.  Gotta get some sleep.  Let me know if you see anything on here that looks like it could possible be stimulating.  🙂



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