Mr. President

Saw this article and had to get a link to it here.  It says – much better than I could – what I’ve been trying to say about President Obama’s spending.

Here’s a snip to give you the flavor of the article.

With all due respect Mr. President, Tim Geithner and Ben Bernanke are offering the same policies as President Bush and Secretary Paulson. Those policies are to bail out banks regardless of cost to taxpayers. Mr. President, it’s hard enough to overlook Geithner’s tax indiscretions. Mr. President, it is harder still. if not impossible, to ignore the fact that neither Geithner nor Bernanke saw this coming. Yet amazingly they are both cock sure of the solution. Even more amazing is the fact that solution changes every day.

With all due respect Mr. President, Geithner and Bernanke are a huge part of the problem, and no part of the solution and the sooner you realize that the better off this nation will be.

With all due respect Mr. President, your budget proposal is the same big government spending as we saw under President Bush. The only difference is you promised more spending and bigger government, while President Bush promised less government and less spending and failed to deliver on either count.

With all due respect Mr. President, it is impossible to spend one’s way out of a problem, when the problem is reckless spending.

I haven’t previous read anything from Mike “Mish” Shedlock, but I’ll have to check out more of his site later.  If the rest of it is anything like this post, it would be a great addition to my blogroll.  Good stuff!



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  1. Hmm, I think Shedlock is the guy who tried to take a cheap shot on Peter Schiff saying that his investment strategies hasn’t worked because his clients accounts have lost value. Or am I mistaking him for someone else? Also – did you read the paper titled something like “With all due respect Mr. President, that’s not true” (or something like that), where 200 economists opposed the idea that “everyone” agreed that the economy needed stimulus? Great stuff all in all.

  2. I hadn’t heard of “Mish” before today, so I don’t know if that’s who you were thinking of or not. I have not read the “With all due respect” paper that you refer to, but I’ll see if I can find it later tonight.

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