Goodbye Capitalism

Capitalism is almost dead in the US.  What follows is a copy and paste of part of yesterday’s Daily Reckoning.  You need to read it – both what follows and the Daily Reckoning site.  Enjoy!


Obama’s new budget is the biggest bag of leeches to come along since the Roosevelt Administration. We have not seen it in detail. But from what we’ve gathered from the press reports, it has something in it for almost every bloodsucker.

The raw numbers are breathtaking. Whereas the feds have taken about 21% of the nation’s income in recent years, now they’re going to take 28%. The deficit alone will equal more than 12% of total GDP.

Put the feds together with state and local hacks, altogether they will consume 40% of the nation’s total output. Whoa…that’s put it close to the levels of such free-market bastions as Zimbabwe and Algeria, both with 43% of spending done by government…and Hugo Chavez’s Venezuela, where the government spends 41% of GDP.

By contrast, in France, that socialistic, bureaucrat-saturated country with the croissants, 53% of GDP is spent by the government. But wait…in France healthcare is a government industry and so is the passenger train system. In America, 17% of GDP is spent on healthcare. As for the passenger trains…forget it…in America, we scarcely have any. So, if you add the 17% spent on private healthcare to the 40% you actually get a total higher than that of France. Ooh la la…the age of big government is back!

Who pays?

Ah…that’s an interesting subject in itself. Obama says he’s going to soak the rich. But the rich are already pretty well marinated. Reagan’s tax cuts freed them to earn more money – and pay more taxes. Now, the top 5% pays 60% of the costs of government. The bottom 40% pay no taxes at all. They get all government ‘services’…which is to say their boondoggles…for free.

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