Capitalist Blog Revolution (IV) : Another nail in the coffin

As usual, good news are scarce in todays economic climate – most of us can only sit and wait for what government policies will bring.  The only good news I have run across lately is that ECB, lead by Claude Trichet, is not planning any quantitative easing. He also defends the fact that Europe has not spent more than half what the US has in “stimulus”. One could wish he would say : “we do not engage in destructive policies”, but at least it’s better than Obamanomics. The general media attitude towards the US stimulus package is starting to turn around, probably because someone finally took the time to calculate how much money the US deficit actually is. For those of you wondering what a trillion actually is, I will repost this link.

As for the bad news, its hard to know where to even begin. The US Federal Reserve will engage in quantative easing to the tune of another trillion. It seems that everytime I manage to tell myself that there is a 1/trillion change that things won’t go straight to hell, someone comes up with something new to worsen the prognosis. And you know what the worst part is? We could be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel already (and it wouldn’t be a train). Anyways, here is a round of posts I liked in particular from the last two weeks :

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And as always, the neverending stream of knowledge from The Mises Institute comes heavily recommended – they actually offer complete books for download – and lots of them! For those of you who haven’t checked out the blogroll yet – I strongly recommend EconomicPolicyJournal because a lot of interesting stuff seems to be leaking out of there constantly.

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