Hillary blames US for fighting in Mexico

Here’s a classic example of government stupidity. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton today said Our insatiable demand for illegal drugs fuels the drug trade. Our inability to prevent weapons from being illegally smuggled across the border to arm these criminals causes the death of police officers, soldiers and civilians.

That’s from a Reuters report.

Hey Hillary – why not solve the problem once and for all?  Simply legalize the drugs and there will be no more illegal drug trade.

Is it a requirement that our leaders and politicians be ignornat of history?  Haven’t any of them read about what happened when we passed the 18th Amendment?  Here’s a quote from Wikipedia:

Many social problems have been attributed to the Prohibition era. Mafia groups limited their activities to gambling and thievery until 1920, when organized bootlegging manifested in response to the effect of Prohibition. A profitable, often violent, black market for alcohol flourished. Powerful gangs corrupted law enforcement agencies, leading to Racketeering. Stronger liquor surged in popularity because its potency made it more profitable to smuggle.

The cost of enforcing Prohibition was high, and the lack of tax revenues on alcohol (some $500 million annually nationwide) affected government coffers.

Lets see…  Organized crime?  Check.  A profitable, often violent black market? Check.  Gangs corrupting law enforcement?  Check.  Stronger drugs become more popular because they’re more profitable?  Check.  High enforcement cost? Check.  Lost tax revenue?  Check.

Now read the next line: When repeal of Prohibition occurred in 1933, organized crime lost nearly all of its black market alcohol profits in most states (states still had the right to enforce their own laws concerning alcohol consumption) because of competition with low-priced alcohol sales at legal liquor stores.

All of the problems basically disappeared when Prohibition was repealed.  Why are politicians so afraid to do the same thing with regards to other drugs?


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