The Republican Road to Recovery

I’m not kidding.  The title of this post is what the Republicans are calling their budget blueprint.  You can read the whole 19 pages of it here.  Go ahead and read it – it won’t take long and you may get a few good belly laughs from it.

There’s no way to call it a budget proposal, because it doesn’t have any hard numbers in it.  There’s a lot of criticizing of Obama’s budget proposal  (and there’s a lot to criticize in that!) from the same party that doubled the national debt in just 8 years. It’s the pot calling the kettle black.

As a libertarian, I think the Republicans say some good things, like proposing “a simple and fair tax code with a marginal tax rate for income up to $100,000 of 10 percent and 25 percent for any income thereafter” and “dropping the two lowest rates by 5 percent to provide every taxpayer with a tax cut” but not a word on what they’d cut to make up for the lost revenue.

Don’t get me wrong, I fully support any and all tax cuts, but I’m not naive enough to realize that low taxes come with a price.  That price is either reduced spending or larger deficits.  There is no third option.  Since I think our debt is already unsustainable, we need to dramatically cut spending now.  Yes, I want to do what the moron Keynesian economists accuse Hoover of doing – too bad Hoover didn’t do them.

I especially like section 3, entitled “The Republican plan controls the debt”.  It’s subtitled “Republicans want to end the bailouts, protect taxpayers, and provide a transparent recovery process. Republicans support maintaining the cost of living after witnessing the booms and busts triggered by loose monetary policy.

It goes on to say that “Republicans want to ensure that this crisis never occurs again, protect taxpayers and provide a transparent recovery process that does not favor those that have made unsound business decisions.”

I like the way they say “want to” and “Republicans support” on every other page.  Hell, I “want to” end all poverty, and I “want to” end world hunger, and I “want to” make $72 million per year, and I “want to” produce all our energy by putting a 65 watt wind turbine on every streetlight pole.  The fact that these things aren’t possible just because I “want to” and “support” them doesn’t matter.  I fully support these ideas.  There.  Problem solved.

Never, ever forget that these are the same morons who doubled the national debt when they had control.  No, I don’t think they’re necessarily worse than the Democrats, but they are not any better, and I’m already getting sick of them becoming budget hawks in the last 60 days.  Don’t forget that these same people passed Bush’s $700 billion bailout in October.  Now they’re acting like we can’t remember that far back.

Unfortunately, it seems that most people can’t remember what happened just 6 months ago.  A couple of guys I know are constantly complaining about the spending Obama is doing, but they never said a word when Bush spent more in 8 years than all the other presidents combined spent in the previous 212 years.  Obama has a good shot to bust Bush’s record spending all to hell, but he’s got a long way to go.  So shut up.

Anyway, I yearn for the good old days of gridlock.  It seems that the only way we can keep the government out of our lives is to have a congress run by one party, and a president of the opposite party.  The Democrat controlled Congress and White House will probably prove to be just as bad as when the Republicans controlled them.

I don’t like either one spending money we don’t have.  I “want to” fix the problems, so I’m spending hours writing this blog in the hopes that eventually enough people will get the message  – so that we can throw the bums out (all of them) and get back to using some common sense in government.  I doubt that this will ever happen because a majority of the voting public seems to want bread and circuses, but dammit, I’ve got to try.



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  1. Brilliant posts. Keep spreading the good word. I’d like to add your site to my blogroll, if that’s OK with you. You offer excellent info I’d love people to see.

  2. It’s fine with me Joey. I just added your site to my links, and I like your “Daily(ish) Ayn Rand Quote” and how you tie them to your topics. Keep it up!

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