Now we’ve got a problem!

Ok, things are getting bad in the economy – sub-prime, housing, credit, Social Security and Medicare crisis’ – all sorts of problems that we’ll work through eventually.  But this could cause the whole house of cards to come tumbling down.

According to the story there’s a severe shortage of hops, an essential ingredient in the making of the drink that makes civilization possible – beer.

What happens when brokers and traders can’t relax with a beer (or 6) at the end of a long day?  How long will workers continue to work if they can’t unwind with a brew with their buddies? 

This calls for government intervention in order to prevent our whole civilization from disappearing.  I bet something like this happened to the Assyrians and Egyptians….  They invented beer and rose to greatness, but if they ran out of hops, they would have sunk faster than Atlantis.

I haven’t heard a speech by any of the presidential candidates explaining how they’d handle this calamity.  Why the silence?


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