This is dumb

Just scanning the headlines on Google News tonight and happened across this in the NY Times.

The highly complex tactic has become a cause of growing concern within the Internal Revenue Service in recent years because it deprives the Treasury of billions of dollars a year, according to private-sector estimates.

It “deprives the Treasury of billions of dollars a year”?  Really?  How about phrasing it something like “it doesn’t take billions of dollars a year from the companies who earned it”?

BTW – The “highly complex tactic” simply says that a company isn’t taxed on money it earns outside of the country as long as it re-invests the money in the country where it was earned.  As in building a better, more efficient factory, or buying the materials it needs to keep producing the product

The NY Times (and Obama) seem to think that they are being “deprived” of billions of dollars per year.  How?  Did they earn it?

That’s what I thought.  Now shut up and quit spending so much of our money.


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