Power your SUV with Human Fat!

Now this is new….  According to Forbes, a plastic surgeon specialing in liposuction has a use for the fat he sucks out of overweight people – he runs his SUV on it!  Here’s a quote from the story: “Beverly Hills doctor Craig Alan Bittner turned the fat he removed from patients into biodiesel that fueled […]

$200K for Knoxville recyling study?

Here’s a brilliant use of money – at least it’s not tax dollars….   The city of Knoxville has received a $200,000 grant aimed at developing a realistic strategy to substantially increase residential recycling rates. I’ve never understood the recycling program here.  You can pay extra to have your recycling picked up, or you can drop […]

Is “Junk Science” telling the truth?

I read this article on FoxNews.com today from “Junk Science” publisher Steven Milloy.  The article is titled “Is T. Boone Pickens ‘Swiftboating’ America?” and basically says that Pickens is lying and that he has his facts wrong. After I did a bit of research it appears that Junk Science really IS junk science – at […]

Heat Pumps

Why is it so hard to find information about the reliability of heat pumps?  I want to replace a 30 year old GE system, but it seems that no one has reliability ratings on heat pumps/central AC systems…. I can find ratings on cars, cell phones, vacuum cleaners, carpeting, computers, irrigation systems, etc.   Nothing on heat pumps.  […]

Big oil subsidies

I received some rather heated emails in response to a post I made on a wind energy forum.   In the post, I gave my response to a (rather lengthy) post calling for government mandated alternative energy goals, subsidies for alternative energy, mandatory replacement projects, and in general complaining that their pet project/business wasn’t being paid for with tax money […]

Hurricanes and Global Warming

Anyone seen this news today?  Here’s a few choice quotes from an AP story:  Global warming isn’t to blame for the recent jump in hurricanes in the Atlantic, concludes a study by a prominent federal scientist whose position has shifted on the subject. Not only that, warmer temperatures will actually reduce the number of hurricanes […]

Peak Oil is here

I’ve been reading about peak oil for a few years, and I know that in the US, we reached peak oil production in the early 1970’s, but I was curious about global peak oil production so I looked at some hard numbers.  Here’s an Excel spreadsheet with the latest numbers I could find: oil-prod-by-year The […]

Global Warming

Saw this in the NY Times today talking about the abnormally cool winter this year.  Now I don’t know if we’re having an impact on temperatures or not, or even if it would be a bad thing if we were, but I want to point something out that’s always bugged me about global climate studies. […]