Better late than never

Sometimes it’s better to be lucky than good.  Especially regarding news stories and commenting about them….  Regarding the FLDS polygamy case, it was just yesterday I said “the state has based their entire case on anonymous “calls” that may be a hoax.”   I then listed the many Constitutional issues that I saw with the case, and related […]

Texas screwed up

I haven’t said anything about the Texas state raid of the “polygamist compound” but I read a story tonight on FoxNews that kinda ticks me off.  When I get ticked off I need to say something about it, so here goes…. The story is about a supposedly underaged girl who gave birth while in state […]

Does God Exist?

I was pretty much aimlessly surfing the web tonight when I read this on FoxNews.  I have to admit that I really don’t surf “aimlessly” it’s more like “actively looking for something that’s interesting” if that makes sense. Anyway, I find the arguments around the scientists vs religion question somewhat silly – because it really doesn’t […]

Religious Fanatics Charged with Murder

It’s about time!  As I wrote in a previous post, I think these religious nuts who refuse to get medical care for their kids (they think that God will cure them – no need for doctors or medicine) should be charged with murder.  It looks like that’s going to happen.  According to FoxNews, Parents who […]

Sackcloth and ashes in Birmingham

Ok, here’s the lead in: BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —  Struggling to confront a worsening homicide rate, the mayor of Birmingham asked pastors and citizens Friday to don burlap sacks and ashes Friday in an Old Testament-style sign of biblical repentance. What can you say to that?  Is the mayor a total idiot – or is he simply […]

Another Nut

I just saw this story on FoxNews before going to bed.  The headline says Mom Kills Daughter Because She Thought She Was Possessed By a Demon  There aren’t many details in the story, but it says “An Illinois mother told police she fatally stabbed her daughter because the 6-year-old was possessed by a demon.” What […]

Update on Fitna

It appears that the original link to the short film Fitna that I posted doesn’t work any longer.  But my original link directly to the video is still working.  So if you go to my previous post and click the play button on the video, you will be able to view the movie.  If you not […]

Congress shall make no law

In reading some of the articles from major media sources regarding Obama’s “historic” speech, all I can say is thank God for the First Amendment!  To give you a sample of what I’ve seen online, take a look at this article from the San Francisco Chronicle. The article says Obama’s “historic” speech has “elevated the […]

Oregon gets it right

According to a story on FoxNews, Oregon is charging a couple with manslaughter after letting their 15 month old daughter die.  They’re another couple of religious fanatics who thought that God would make their daughter well if they prayed for her.  But they also anointed her with oil, so maybe that counts as medical treatment…. I think Oregon […]


The film “Fitna” was released on the web today.  It’s here if you want to view it.  A story about it (and the controversy around it) is here on FoxNews.  Here’s another link to the movie. Personally, I think way to many people are way too uptight about religion in general.  God speaks to too […]