Occupy NPR

I listen to NPR daily (nothing else but inane college football talk on the radio here) as I drive to and from work.  This morning I heard this bit of garbage from NPR presented as news: LATOYA DENNIS, BYLINE: Just down the road from the state capitol building in Madison, Christina Long is living in […]

Cops suck

http://www.ajc.com/news/man-facing-105-years-1221252.html David Sturdivant has lost his liberty, a kidney, his home, his business and all his belongings. “He was under the mistaken belief it would be OK to shoot at an intruder,” senior assistant district attorney Jason Park said in court. Stupid fucking cops and DA have zero common sense.  If there’s no right to […]

The Illusion of Capital

Ever read one of those articles that gets you more and more excited the further into it you read?  One of those “Oh yeah, that’s what I’ve been thinking, but didn’t know how to express it!” articles? Well, today’s Daily Reckoning was like that for me. In the article The Illusion of Capital,  Dan Amoss […]

California Dream Act

Governor Moonbeam is living up to his name. I ran across this beauty in the LA Times. “The lawmaker who authored the California Dream Act said Saturday that Gov. Jerry Brown has signed the bill allowing Illegal immigrants attending California universities to receive state financial aid.” What part of ILLEGAL don’t they understand? According to […]

AT&T Sucks

Some background…. I did some research and ordered ATT Uverse service (18 MB down and 1.5mb up – more than double the max DSL speed I could get)  in March.  It was installed Apr 23.  DSL was disconnected (and by disconnected I mean that it quit working and we had no Internet connection) on Apr […]

iTunes Sucks

Can anyone point me to instructions for copying a few existing MP3’s to an iPod? For example, I have 1 Apple  iPod in the house, thus the need for iTunes. My daughter has the iPod. I have all of my MP3’s stored in a folder on my PC named /Music. Within the /Music folder there […]

Debt ceiling reality

I ran across this story on CNN a bit ago.  It’s titled “Debt ceiling: Time to get real” and it’s written by “Jeanne Sahadi, senior writer” Hey I thought, lets see what CNN has to say, maybe they’ll inject some facts into the stupidity about this that I’ve been hearing lately. So I read it.  […]

Teen sexting

Good article this morning in the NY Times about teen sexting and the potential pitfalls – especially of picture sexting.  Those pitfalls obviously exist for the person sending the picture, but there are also potentially  severe penalties for unwitting teens who pass the picture on to others, such as being labeled – and needing to […]