Debt ceiling scare tactics

Lots of people – including “leading” economists – are freaking out about the debt ceiling. Saying things like we won’t be able to pay our bills, and that we’ve already agreed to the spending, and the US government will default on the debt, etc. Is it true? Or just a scare tactic so they can […]

Worst president in my lifetime

This was a post I did on Facebook back in July on Bush I’s birthday. I decided it needed some  updating because I really hadn’t thought about all the factors that should go into deciding the title of worst president. Dumbass Dubya has a lock on the #1 slot, but there can be some legitimate […]

AT&T Still, Still Sucks

Guess who I’m on the phone with because of ANOTHER incorrect bill…. That’s right, AT and fucking T. Never again. When this contract is out, I will never again deal with AT&T. Never. Ever…. Ever. This latest fiasco is caused by me (according to AT&T) because I ordered a “3 month free trial” of HBO/Cinemax […]

AT&T Still Sucks

Wow, 4 times tonight my AT&T U-Verse service has crashed for 5 to 10 minutes at a time.  No TV.  No Internet. All the TV’s will freeze up and and Internet service drops. Wired and wireless. No light flickers, nothing else in the house is affected, just AT&T U-Verse quits. I reported this to AT&T […]

5D Mark III Availability

I posted links to some REAL reviews of the Canon 5D Mark III yesterday, and mine arrived from Adorama yesterday as well.  Since I only placed my order on Friday (March 23rd) and I’ve heard horror stories about other places, I decided to write a post about it. In short, Amazon is out. They currently […]

Canon 5D Mark III Reviews

I decided to collect some links to real reviews of the new Canon 5D Mark III.  I wasted a lot of time clicking through links, only to find that something touted as a “review” was actually a “preview” and simply talked about the specs and operation of the 5D Mark III based off of a […]

Why blame Obama for Afghanistan?

So I run across this story where Republicans are blaming Obama for the problems in Afghanistan.  And while I’m no fan of Obama, I have to wonder WTF these dudes are smoking? Former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney and ex-senator Rick Santorum assailed the president on separate television talks shows as creating an untenable situation by […]

Don’t bare your underwear?

You’d think TN government would have something better to do with their time that to legislate dress codes in schools, but I guess not. “A House subcommittee on Wednesday approved Memphis Democrat Joe Towns’ proposal that would prohibit any students from showing their underwear in the way they dress. WPLN radio ( ) reported […]

Buffett’s view on gold

I posted this last April, as I heard lot’s of people taking about a bubble in gold, and how gold “doesn’t provide a dividend” and how gold “doesn’t make a profit”.   After reading Warren Buffett’s annual letter to Berkshire Hathaway shareholders today, I felt compelled to update the numbers, as Buffett dissed gold pretty bad. […]

NCAA BowlShit

Flipping through the channels to see what awesome NCAA football matchup the bowl gods have for us on New Years Eve. Two 6-6 teams (Texas A&M and Northwestern) are playing in the “Meineke Car Care Bowl of Texas”. WTF? It should be called the “Mediocre Bowl” or the “If We Had A Real Championship Tournament […]