Someone gets it!

I’ve been saying this for years – well at least since late September of 2001 – and finally I see it in print.  In the NY Times no less.  Well, a blog in the NY Times, but maybe that’ll start to spread the message.  Take a look at it and think – really think – […]

Climate change

Let me get this out of the way – I see that global warming is occurring, but I don’t know if humans are causing it or if it’s part of a natural cycle.  And I don’t have enough hard facts to even attempt to predict what the climate will be like 100 years from now.  When forecasters can […]

This never happens to me!

MP3 Player Father Bought at Wal-Mart for Daughter, 10, Was Preloaded With Porn,2933,318711,00.html gk

Bye-bye Netscape

Turn out the lights, Netscape is officially dead.  The worlds first commercial browser was bought by AOL and went downhill from there.  To be fair, it was going downhill before AOL got it, but at least it was viable.  Good story on FOX here:,2933,318874,00.html gk

GOP Presidential Race

Ok, any opinions on who’s going to be the GOP candidate?  Since I think the federal government does way too much anyway – things that it doesn’t have the Consitutional authority to do – I’m thinking Ron Paul is getting my vote on February 5th.  I especially like his thoughts on monetary policy, and I […]

Buffett moves into bond insurance

It’s never wise to bet against the Oracle of Omaha, Warren Buffett.  It looks like he’s using the substantial resources of Berkshire Hathaway to move into the bond insurance arena.  Bond insurer’s are the ones left holding the bag IF the entity which issued the bonds (business or government) defaults on the bonds they’ve sold and […]

Civil War in Pakistan?

Lot’s of speculation in the news this morning about the assassination of Bhutto in Pakistan.  TV and Internet services shut down (by the government) train and air service cut off, gas stations closed – all to prevent the violence from spreading.  Pakistan is in a critical prt of the world, and don’t forget that they […]