Why stocks go up

I saw this on Minyanville.com today and thought it was funny.

Peak Oil is here

I’ve been reading about peak oil for a few years, and I know that in the US, we reached peak oil production in the early 1970’s, but I was curious about global peak oil production so I looked at some hard numbers.  Here’s an Excel spreadsheet with the latest numbers I could find: oil-prod-by-year The […]

Religious Fanatics Charged with Murder

It’s about time!  As I wrote in a previous post, I think these religious nuts who refuse to get medical care for their kids (they think that God will cure them – no need for doctors or medicine) should be charged with murder.  It looks like that’s going to happen.  According to FoxNews, Parents who […]

Who’s in charge here?

According to a FoxNews story, the U.S. military says it has found caches of newly made Iranian weapons in Iraq, leading senior officials to conclude Tehran is continuing to funnel armaments into Iraq despite its pledges to the contrary Excuse me, but that’s like blaming Mexico for the US allowing illegal immigrants.  We’ve supposedly been […]

Sackcloth and ashes in Birmingham

Ok, here’s the lead in: BIRMINGHAM, Ala. —  Struggling to confront a worsening homicide rate, the mayor of Birmingham asked pastors and citizens Friday to don burlap sacks and ashes Friday in an Old Testament-style sign of biblical repentance. What can you say to that?  Is the mayor a total idiot – or is he simply […]

WMD’s Found!

It turns out that the WMD’s Bush was looking for in Iraq were right here all along.  Here’s a CNN story on someone in South Carolina who (allegedly) was planning to blow up his school with fertilizer.  Hmm….  If we can actually charge him with something, I wonder why Bush claims he needs all these […]

Laser pointers banned after attacks

Here’s a Reuters story I found interesting.  The story starts out with: A major Australian state has banned laser pointers after a spate of incidents in which aircraft pilots have been temporarily blinded, the government said on Monday. High-powered hand lasers, including so-called “star pointers” used by astronomers, would be listed as prohibited weapons in […]

Just what is leverage anyway?

I was responding to some comments to a post I made to www.seekingalpha.com a few minutes ago, when I said something that I think needs to be explained further.  I mentioned “leverage” and since that’s been in the news (especially regarding financial stocks) quite a lot over the past few months, I decided to expound […]

Golf Tips

Just read this in the NY Times.  Pretty good – at least I got a chuckle out of it.  I especially like the sarcasm in the Q&A part, such as: So what can the average golfer do differently? “Take your driver to the driveway outside your house, lay it down and run over it with your […]

Science and Beer

Damn, there go my aspirations of being a well published scientist.  According to a story in the NY Times today anyway.  Of course, that’s assuming that I had earned any credentials as a scientist, and that I had any aspirations to publish whatever scientific work I was doing at the time.   Since I am (at […]