Daily Reckoning

I get an email every day from a financial website called the Daily Reckoning.  It’s mainly good stuff, once in a while they go a little off (as Aussies sometimes do) but it’s mainly good reading. The email I received yesterday contained this: “Buffett says inflation is exploding,” according to CNNMoney. What can people do? […]


I had posted an article late Friday night/Saturday regarding the “expert” opinions staying to stay fully invested in the stock market.  I’m not sure what happened to it, but it gives a not found error now. Suffice it to say that all the major sites (CNN, FoxNews, NY Times, Marketwatch, etc) said pretty much the […]

How’s that working for you?

Back in January, I posted a short article basically saying that it was way too early to call a bottom in financial stocks.  I had been reading an article on TheStreet.com by Doug Kass where he made the case that it was time to buy the financial sector, via XLF.   While I agreed with much of his analysis, […]

The Supreme Court can read!

How about some breaking news?  According to numerous news sources today, the Justices on the US Supreme Court can read!  Well, at least they can read some of the Second Amendment. I gave my reasons why the Washington DC gun ban should be ruled unconstitutional back in March, and today 5 of the 9 justices […]

Thanks George!

George Carlin died yesterday.  I for one will miss him.  From providing cutting social commentary, to setting legal precedents, to forcing people to question things they were taught as children – George enlightened millions. I find it curious that the news stories about George Carlin (that I read) all – without exception – talked about the Supreme […]

Oil Speculation

The news is full of (no, not that!) stories about Congress investigating the role of oil speculation today.  A CNN story says “Near-record oil prices could quickly fall by half if Congress were to rein in speculators“.  Sounds good – so what’s the hold up?  If Congress could simply pass a law that would drop […]

Holy Crap!

I can’t believe that just a few months after letting one kid die, these religious nutcases have let another child die.  I’m not kidding – it’s the same group!  After I disagreed with what the state did in Texas (the state couldn’t prove a damn thing and had no reason for taking the kids away […]

It ain’t rocket science

As I was driving around the streets of west Knoxville this afternoon, the stupidity of the traffic light system here made my blood boil.  Why can’t Knoxville set the timing on the lights so you don’t stop at every single light? It ain’t rocket science!  Take Cedar Bluff road – please!  I defy anyone, at […]

Better late than never – part 2

As I said before, Texas had no right (and violated several amendments in the Bill of Rights) ro take children from their parents who are members of the FLDS.  At last they are being returned to their homes. CNN says a Texas judge issued an order Monday allowing parents of hundreds of children seized from a polygamist […]