Power your SUV with Human Fat!

Now this is new….  According to Forbes, a plastic surgeon specialing in liposuction has a use for the fat he sucks out of overweight people – he runs his SUV on it!  Here’s a quote from the story: “Beverly Hills doctor Craig Alan Bittner turned the fat he removed from patients into biodiesel that fueled […]

Faith or science?

Stories like this one in the Knoxville News Sentinel today are popular tear jerker’s – kind of like any film with Hugh Grant and Julia Roberts – but they make no sense. The story I referenced is headlined “A family’s faith helps them find the best gift of all” and it’s replete with statements like […]

$200K for Knoxville recyling study?

Here’s a brilliant use of money – at least it’s not tax dollars….   The city of Knoxville has received a $200,000 grant aimed at developing a realistic strategy to substantially increase residential recycling rates. I’ve never understood the recycling program here.  You can pay extra to have your recycling picked up, or you can drop […]

What NOT to do to your new PC!

As I wrote earlier today, many people got new PC’s for Christmas.  I mentioned a few things that everyone needs to do when setting up a new PC, but it just struck me that it’s also important to know what NOT to do when setting up a new PC. By far the biggest “no-no” is […]

Merry Fricking Christmas

I was in a good mood until a few minutes ago.  I just had to pass on something that I ran across while checking the news this morning that pissed me off.  According to many sources (here’s what HumanWatch.com says) our idiot President Bush actually said “I’ve abandoned free-market principles to save the free-market system.” […]

How to setup your new PC

Like many of you, I got myself a new PC for Christmas.  I’ve been using Windows XP for years, but the new PC came with Vista.  I haven’t had much experience with Vista, so I looked around on the web for suggestions on recommended settings and tweaks.  Here are a couple of good links I […]

Somalia – Didn’t Bush 1 do this too?

As if Bush II hasn’t harmed the country enough during his 8 years in power, it now looks like he even wants to recreate his daddy’s Somalia problems.  A brief history lesson for those with memory problems…. Back in the fall of 1992 just after the election in which Bush I was thrown out (because […]

12 things to throw at Bush

I saw this article on the SF Chronicle website tonight and just had to post a link to it.  A few of them are corny, but overall it’s a funny article that does a good job of lambasting Bush – and he deserves every bit of it. That reminds me – one of these days […]

What’s wrong with American journalists?

An Iraqi journalist threw his shoes at Bush Sunday and was taken into custody.  Now FoxNews is reporting that the journalist “suffered a broken arm and ribs after being struck by Iraqi security agents, his brother told AFP on Tuesday.“ Ok, I guess if you throw your shoes at the President you might deserve to […]

Free Money – from helicopters, not trees

Helicopter Ben Bernanke is keeping his word that he’d “drop money from helicopters if necessary”.  And that’s not a good thing. The Fed today dropped the Fed funds rate to a target “between 0% and .25%” – in effect, they’re giving away free money.  A bank can take a 30 day loan and pay ZERO […]