Robin Hood is sick

This is nuts – but it’s just like all the other government Ponzi schemes.  I just read an article on CNN about the FDIC taking money from large banks in order to have enough funds to bail out failed banks – which have been mainly smaller banks. The article says  “A lot of large banks […]

Paranoid no more

It looks like Bush’s paranoia is finally going away.   Access to the crown on the Statue of Liberty is finally being allowed again after Bush pretty much shut everything down after 9/11/2001.  Here’s a NY Times story about it. Bush used 9/11 as an excuse for anything and everything, from torture, to invading Iraq – […]

Obama’s budget cuts

The NY Times is reporting that President Obama is proposing about $17 billion in budget cuts for the next year.  As the NY Times puts it the proposed cuts represent about 1.4 percent of the $1.2 trillion deficit that is projected for the fiscal year 2010. I’ll put it more bluntly – these cuts are […]

The Year of the W

I was browsing through tonight and saw this story from Todd Harrison.  If you’re unfamiliar with Todd, he’s the founder of, and he caused an uproar in the trading community last year when he announced that he had moved 100% of his long term money into cash.  The Dow was at 11, 346 […]

This is dumb

Just scanning the headlines on Google News tonight and happened across this in the NY Times. The highly complex tactic has become a cause of growing concern within the Internal Revenue Service in recent years because it deprives the Treasury of billions of dollars a year, according to private-sector estimates. It “deprives the Treasury of […]