Option ARM Bomb

Many have been warning of this pending implosion for years, but evidently it’s just now hitting the major news organizations.  How did anyone ever think that a mortgage that didn’t even cover the interest charges each month was a good idea? From the numbers I’ve seen, 2010 and 2011 are the years when most of […]

SEC beats area high schools

Tennessee starts the year kicking some butt.  They slaughtered that perennial national title contender football powerhouse Our Lady of Mercy – Umm, I mean Western Kentucky.  At home. What’s the deal with supposedly “power” conferences padding stats by playing whatever area high school team needs some cash? Props to Alabama, Georgia, and LSU for actually […]

Gotta love it

Just reading a player news post on NFL.com and saw this note about Derrick Mason: “He is expected to contribute the most among players who have returned from retirement.” Sorry, I don’t see anyway to link directly to the post, so you may have to search for it.  But you gotta love the dry humor […]

Fantasy Football Insurance

I just saw this site and had to post it here.  You can now purchase insurance on your fantasy football players!  They appear to be serious.  I’m gonna have some fun with the guys in my league this year with this….  🙂 gk

Why Peterson isn’t number one

Q: What do RB’s DeAngelo Williams, Matt Forte, Michael Turner, Maurice Jones-Drew, Thomas Jones, LaDanian Tomlinson, Steve Slaton, and Brian Westbrook all have in common? A: They all scored more fantasy points in PPR leagues last year than Adrian Peterson. I have the #1 pick in my PPR league his year.  I’ve never had the […]