Frank Rich is whack

Reading a NY Times story from Frank Rich titled After the Massachusetts Massacre in which Mr. Rich claims It was not a referendum on Barack Obama and  It was not a rejection of universal health care.   Umm, what rock has Mr. Rich been hiding under? For days heading into the election, we heard over […]

Party like it’s 1994 – Part II

I mentioned this a few weeks ago, but it seems to be getting more and more likely that the Dems may be in for a replay of 1994. In general, Americans don’t like politicians who go to extremes, and when any one party is in control, they ALWAYS go to extremes.  Clinton tried pushing through […]

California Budget

I was reading a Reuters story about the proposed budget in California tonight when I saw this: Wheelchair-bound Christina Mills, 32, of Sacramento, California said disabled workers could not afford to have subsidies for assistants cut as the governor proposed. “If they didn’t have home-care workers to help them get dressed in the morning, they […]

Party like it’s 1994?

Ran across this story in the NY Times tonight suggesting that the Dems  are going to have a hard time “defending their large Congressional majorities”  in the 2010 elections.  Interesting….  That’s the first I’ve heard one that subject, and it got me to thinking about the over reaching in Clinton’s first term, which led to […]