Politics, Oil, Obama

Just wanted to point out a few facts that aren’t getting much coverage.  I saw these in a Yahoo news story earlier today that I had bookmarked, but when I went back to it, Yahoo had “updated” the story and removed the stuff I wanted to talk about.  But I found the stuff in a […]

The mood in 1980

This is something I posted on Facebook a few months ago.  Decided it belonged here as well.  Hope you enjoy it! As I was watching a documentary “Decisions that shook the world” about Ronald Reagan last night, I just had to make a comment about it because the documentary did a good job of capturing […]

Arizona and Illegal Immigration

Laws need to be enforced. Illegal means NOT legal. But that does not mean that LEGAL residents – even American citizens – need to carry and show proof of residency to any Tom, Dick, or Harry in Jerkwater, USA. The 4th, 5th, and 14th Amendments have not been repealed as far as I know. In […]