Hannity? Really?

In an effort to get their dumbass bill passed, Republicans are even calling in members of the press like Hannity and Laura Ingram!  Seriously?  If Laura Ingraham and Sean Hannity are able to twist your arm and get you to change your mind, then you never had your mind made up.  And if – after […]

AT&T Sucks

Some background…. I did some research and ordered ATT Uverse service (18 MB down and 1.5mb up – more than double the max DSL speed I could get)  in March.  It was installed Apr 23.  DSL was disconnected (and by disconnected I mean that it quit working and we had no Internet connection) on Apr […]

$2.7 Trillion

$2.7 trillion.  That’s how much money Nancy Altman thinks the Federal government has laying around, ready to pay out to Social Security recipients.  I can’t believe she’s really that dumb (she’s able to write) but I have no other explanation.  Here’s a story from the Huffington Post. First, Social Security has its own dedicated income […]

Why Gold Keeps Rising

Saw this story in the Daily Reckoning and wanted to pass it on, as it says something important, something I haven’t been able to put into words. We don’t expect the gold price to soar because gold is such a great thing; we expect it to soar because the world’s major currencies are notsuch great […]

Daily Kos Krap

Ok, I know the Daily Kos is a socialist leaning liberal site, but when this popped up in my newsfeed I just had to comment. First up, here’s their quote (I’m not attempting to verify the quote, an I’m assuming it’s accurate) from Mike Lee (R, Utah) I mean, look, when we’re bringing it about […]